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Meet the author: Hazel Everett

Hazel Everett first became interested in embroidery whilst still at school, and her teacher suggested she might pursue a career in embroidery. Hazel went on to be an Apprentice at the Royal School of Needlework (RSN), and although she enjoyed learning about many different types of embroidery, she became most fascinated by goldwork. As an Apprentice she had the honour of embroidering a commission for the RSN workroom - a new pulpit fall in real, 18-carat Japanese gold thread. As her career developed, fate played a part and she was offered a number of commissions involving goldwork, including a mitre for Cardinal Hume. Since then Hazel has taught Goldwork Embroidery all over the UK and has worked on numerous commissions.

An Interview with Hazel

Where were you born?

Hanworth in Middlesex, but moved to Farnborough in Hampshire when I was 1 year old and have stayed in the Surrey/Hampshire area since then.

What is your educational background?

West Surrey College of Art and Design foundation course 1983-1984, Royal School of Needlework apprentice 1984 -1986

What first got you interested in craft?

I grew up with an interest in craft as my Mother enjoyed dressmaking and a great Aunt was a court dressmaker. Had a lucky break when I was doing my O levels, as my teacher knew about the Royal School of Needlework and put that thought into my head.

How long have you been crafting?

Professionally, since 1986 after successfully completing my apprenticeship, working on a variety of commissions and teaching goldwork courses.

Where do you get your materials?

The majority of the threads I use are manufactured in England, with the coloured purls originating from India and Germany.

How/Where did Search Press discover you?

I was at Missenden Abbey when Roz Dace was visiting to view students work from the summer school.

What were your first thoughts when asked to write a book?

I had been considering writing a book for several years, so it was all very exciting.

Has publishing a book changed your life in any way?

It has given me more recognition in my specialist field.

Any tips for beginners?

Start with small projects to gradually learn how to use each of the metal threads.

What is your favourite craft tool?

My mellore, a specialist tool for goldwork that has a long pointed end for creating holes, aiding the plunging of threads and also acts as a laying tool and a wide flat paddle end that can be used to ‘stroke' some metals.

Have you travelled for your craft?

I teach at several adult learning residential colleges and travel around the country giving workshops on goldwork embroidery.

Where does your inspiration come from?

Much of my inspiration comes from nature, as fauna and flora translate beautifully into goldwork embroidery especially with all the fabulous coloured purls that are now available.

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