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Meet the author: Debbie Shore

Debbie Shore started her career as a children's television presenter and since then has appeared regularly on television both as an actress and selling products on a shopping channel. Debbie has also hosted live fashion shows with a major fashion store, produces her own range of instructional DVDs and writes for several popular sewing magazines. Two of her previous Search Press sewing titles, Making Cushion Covers and Half Yard Heaven, have been huge hits. Debbie lives in Lincolnshire.

An Interview with Debbie

Where were you born?

I was born at home in a little village called Babbington, near Ilkeston in 1960

What is your educational background?

Ilkeston Grammar school, I left at 16 to work for a bank!

What first got you interested in craft?

My mum was always crafty, myself and my sister were encouraged to paint, draw and sew, my dad taught us DIY and car maintenance

How long have you been crafting?

I’ve been crafting since before I can remember!

Where do you get your materials?

Coates are a great source of fabric for me as they have such an incredible range, and I use a Pfaff sewing machine.

How/Where did Search Press discover you?

I approached Search Press with an idea for a book on making cushion covers and thankfully they took me up on the offer! Since then we work together with ideas and projects.

What were your first thoughts when asked to write a book?

I have never been so excited, ‘author’ wasn’t something I thought I could ever include on my cv!

Has publishing a book changed your life in any way?

Publishing books has become my life! My full time job now is writing books, articles for magazines, and developing products with my own brand.

Any tips for beginners?

Know your trade, keep it simple to start with, don’t be afraid to ask for help and advice, and make yourself known! Social media is an incredible medium for getting your name and brand out there!

What is your favourite craft tool?

That has to be my sewing machine, my favourite place is at my sewing table, machine purring and the dog snoring.

Have you travelled for your craft?

I’ve travelled all over the country demonstrating sewing projects, and occasionally I’ll fly over the pond to demonstrate in the States.

Where does your inspiration come from?

That’s easy, our lives are filled with fabric, the things we wear, hang at out windows, sleep under, sit on… I’ll find a fabric and be inspired by the colour and print, or set myself a challenge to figure out how something was made then set to making it easy!

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