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Lynne Rowe, author of
Fairytale Blankets to Crochet, joined us for a crafty catch-up and chat about her book, top crocheting tips and her upcoming crafty projects!

First of all, how are you Lynne and how are you coping with the lockdown situation?

I’m well thanks, and we’re self-isolating and staying at home to help our wonderful NHS. With five adults in the house though, I’m thankful to have crafting to help keep me calm and relaxed. My work routine is much the same as I usually work from home, so you’ll still find me in my office and working towards my deadlines. I found your blog, Wellbeing tips for working from home, really useful and I make sure that I allocate a small block of time to crafting each day as it really helps me to unwind and keep anxiety at bay – these are very worrying times for everyone.

We’re very excited about your brand new book, Fairytale Blankets to Crochet! You have designed some super adorable blankets in this one. Which project did you have fun crocheting the most?

I really enjoyed creating all of these cute blankets, and it’s so hard to choose a favourite from the collection. I think that maybe the Fish is a good contender for a favourite; as well as being quite simple, it was great fun to create, especially the bunting with the little sea motifs. 

Fish blanket and bunting Fish bunting

I believe all the designs are inspired by fairytales, do you have a favourite story? 

As a child one of my favourite films was Hans Christian Andersen featuring Danny Kaye as the cobbler, Hans Christian Andersen, who travels to Copenhagen. His journey is told through the most wonderful songs and ends with a beautiful ballet of The Little Mermaid. But my all-time favourite story is The Ugly Duckling which Hans sings to a little boy who is sad from being teased by other children, and the song really cheers him up. I still love this film today.

The blankets look quite tricky and daunting, are they suitable for beginners?

The blankets are all based on the corner-to-corner crochet technique, which is nice and simple and is also fully explained in the techniques section. Once you get going with the stitch, it can be relaxing too, so the blankets will bring an extra benefit as you make them. Each blanket is made step-by-step starting with either a square or rectangular base, then the hoods and other embellishments are made separately and sewn together. This means that you can tackle each part individually. The hoods and extra little embellishments will range from simple to more advanced, but you can start with a blanket that suits your experience.

Group of hooded blankets

For example, the Wolf, Festive Elf and Polar Bear are all quite simple then the Dragon, Unicorn and Deer have slightly more advanced techniques to create the spines, horn and antlers.

Wolf Festive Elf Polar Bear Dragon Unicorn Deer

I’ve tried to make a good range of blankets to cover all levels of crochet, so that everyone can make a cosy fairytale blanket. You can start with something simple and then work through to the more advanced characters.

Do you have any tips for beginners?

If you haven’t tried corner-to-corner crochet before, then I would suggest that you go to the techniques section of the book first and try a small square of corner-to-corner crochet by following the steps given. Then try a rectangular piece. Once you get started, the repetitive pattern should soon become familiar. Like everything, the more you practice, the more comfortable you will feel with a new stitch, so don’t give up, just keep trying, and before you know it you’ll have made a cute blanket.

The book contains a helpful techniques section

How long does it take you to complete an average piece from the book from start to finish?

The blankets do take quite a long time to make, so they’re not something that you can whip up in an evening. I would estimate that a basic blanket base would take approximately 6-8 hours, depending on the speed that you crochet and the size you are making. The hood and embellishments may take as long again, depending on the number of extras that you are making. But the key is to be patient and enjoy your blanket-making process. Corner-to-corner is one of my favourite mindful stitches, because it’s so repetitive and soothing. The little extras are great fun to make too, so overall, even though the projects are not quick to make, you will find great enjoyment and satisfaction in making them.

Do you have a favourite room at home to work in?

I have a work room where you’ll find me each day of the week. It’s a bit messy, over-run with yarn and often needs a good tidy up. But I also try to sit outside for 20 minutes or so each day after work, so that I can knit or crochet in the fresh air, listening to the birds, the radio, or even to a knit or crochet podcast. I’d quite like my work room to be in the garden, but that’s a dream for another day...

What are you working on now?

At the moment I’m finishing off a knitted blanket for a knit-along, which is colourful and cosy. I have a couple of exciting commissions to get started on too and I’ve also made a start on working through all of my previously published patterns, so I’ll be sharing those with everyone soon, which is exciting, along with tips and techniques to help you make your crochet and knitting perfect.

Lynne Rowe's book, Fairytale Blankets to Crochet is available now, RRP £12.99.

Fairytale Blankets to Crochet

Check out Lynne's website at and follow her on Instagram @the_woolnest for helpful tips and advice.

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