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It’s never been more important to be mindful of what we consume. Across the globe, we send tonnes of clothing to landfills each year. In fact, clothing consumption in the UK and US is one of the highest in the world. In addition we produce hundreds of millions of tonnes of plastic every year and half of it is single-use, such as plastic bags and cling film.

Over the past few years we’ve seen a global trend for leading a 'green' life and the importance of sustainability, so, if you want to play your part in helping the planet, we have some great suggestions of books on how to be more eco-friendly, minimize waste and lead a more sustainable lifestyle.

Top picks for sustainable crafting

Sew Eco-Friendly
25 reusable projects for sustainable sewing
by Debbie Shore

Sew more, waste less.

Popular author Debbie Shore is back with a new book! This time to help you make 25 small but meaningful life swaps to help reduce waste and live more sustainably. Replace disposable face wipes with skin-friendly, washable pads; make beeswax fabric wraps so that you never have to buy single-use plastic food wrap again; make a sturdy shopping tote to replace plastic bags; trade in gift wrap and tape for stylish fabric wraps and gift bags.

The book also contains hints and tips for face scrubs, bath salts and more to use with your new projects, or to make a perfect eco-friendly gift. Vegan alternatives are suggested where possible.

Sew Eco-Friendly
is £10.99 and available to buy here.

Modern Mending
How to minimize waste and maximize style

by Erin Lewis-Fitzgerald

Inspired by the slow fashion movement that's taking the sewing world by storm, Erin Lewis-Fitzgerald has created a comprehensive guide to repairing your own clothes in a way that combines creativity and sustainability.

Learn to minimize waste and maximize style, and bring new life to your old clothes and fabrics with this fun, easy-to-follow guide to modern mending. So next time you tear your favourite jeans or find a hole in your jumper, think twice before throwing them away. With Modern Mending, you'll gain the skills and confidence needed to rebel against fast fashion, be less wasteful and more sustainable for years to come.


Modern Mending is £14.99 and available to buy here.

Macramé for the Modern Home

16 stunning projects using simple knots and natural dyes
by Isabella Strambio

Create 16 beautiful Insta-ready macramé projects to hang on your wall, decorate your home and transform your outdoor space all made using simple macramé knots, natural dyes and 100 per cent recycled materials for beautiful, environmentally-friendly results. The projects are easy to follow, genuinely desirable and, best of all, really simple to make!


Macrame for the Modern Home is £12.99 and available to buy here.

aking Soap

18 luxurious soaps to make and give using natural ingredients
by Kathrin Landmann

This is a beginner-friendly guide to making 18 lovely soaps using only natural ingredients that are kind to the environment. From olive oil to juniper and cucumber to honey, there are lots of gorgeous fragrances and colours to satisfy everyone. This book tells you everything you need to know about making your own hand-crafted soap, using tools most people already own.

Making Soap
is £8.99 and is available to buy here.

52 Nature Craft Projects

Inspiration for every week of the year
by Barbora Kurcova

Take a leaf out of this book and combine connecting with nature with crafting at home. Using materials foraged sustainably from the great outdoors, Barbora Kurcova shows you how to create beautiful, visually inspiring art, gifts, and home accents and accessories. This collection of clever ideas is packed with small, no-fuss projects that are demonstrated using step-by-step photography, with one engaging project for each week of the year all of which are easily achievable and great for family crafting.

52 Nautre Craft Projects is £12.99 and available to buy here.

The E
co-Christmas Craft Book

30 stylish festive projects that won’t hurt the planet
by Marrianne Miall

If you love Christmas, you'll love this book! It's the perfect antidote to the traditional tinsels and glitters that shed harmful microplastics, polluting our oceans and waterways. Filled with 30 fabulous projects to create your own stylishly beautiful, eco-friendly Christmas, all you need to do is save up some recyclable or foraged items such as cardboard, newspaper, wine bottle corks, twigs and pine cones. So start collecting and learn how to make gorgeous, professional-looking decorations cheaply, without harming the planet.

The Eco-Christmas Craft Book
is £12.99 and available to pre-order here. The book will be available 30th September 2021.

If you like our top picks be sure to check out our full range of sustainable crafting books and products here.

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