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  • Publisher: Fil Rouge Press
  • Edition: BC Paperback
  • Publication: 15 April 2015
  • ISBN 13/EAN: 9780992792329
  • Carton Qty: 42
  • Size: 210x210 mm
  • Illustrations: 0
  • Pages: 128
  • RRP: $22.50
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Dr Knit's Curious Creatures


Warm-hearted and Whimsical Knitted Toy Tales and Patterns by Arturo Azcona

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Book Description

Charming yarns spun around a series of artist-made knitted creatures provide entertainment as well as warm-hearted life lessons.

Charming yarns spun around a series of artist-made knitted creatures provide entertainment as well as warm-hearted life lessons. The curious creatures with unusual problems arrive daily at Dr Knit’s laboratory and consulting rooms. The solutions he provides will engage and amuse the reader. Enjoy the tale of the owl whose impaired vision turns out to be due to the fact that he is blind to love, and whose enlightenment clears his vision. Or read about the cupcake whose sadness, despite her impressive shoe collection, is the result of the baker forgetting to make her a heart—easily solved by Dr Knit with a little cake-colored knitted
heart. Each case study is illustrated with photographs and illustrations that bring the stories to life, while the patterns for the characters and their accessories are supplied at the back of the book.


Underground Crafter

Dr Knits Curious Creatures: Warm-Hearted and Whimsical Knitted Toy Tales and Patterns by Arturo Azcona is not a typical knitting pattern book. Arturo is a Spanish artist living in London, and the Curious Creatures referenced in the title started their lives in a series of art exhibits.

The book opens with Arturos introduction and continues on into an 80 page section divided into four parts: Yarnzac Nation, All At Sea No More, Taking Flight, and Not So Creepy Crawlies. Each of these sections features stories about the 15 amigurumi designs that make up the book. These parts are stylistically similar to childrens storybooks. Each character is introduced with a problem that Dr Knit (Arturos alter ego) tries to fix with one of his medical, surgical, or psychoanalytical solutions. This section is filled with large, full page photos of the creatures in various setting with props and illustrated backgrounds. In this section, you can get a sense of what seeing the exhibits the book is based on may have been like.

The next section, The Knitting Laboratory, includes eight pages of Basic Techniques. This part covers basic knitting and crochet stitches, safety, using plastic eyes, and assembly with written instructions. Because this section doesnt include any illustrations or photo tutorials, it is best suited to knitters who already have a command of the basic stitches. The next 26 pages are devoted to the 15 patterns that make up the book. Each pattern includes a detailed materials list and instructions organized by components. Each pattern also includes instructions for making up (assembly). There are also two pages of templates that can be used for felt pieces, pom poms, and cross stitch to decorate five of the Curious Creatures. The book ends with a 2-page index and the authors thank you note.

Dr Knits Curious Creatures: Warm-Hearted and Whimsical Knitted Toy Tales and Patterns includes 15 straightforward patterns for amigurumi creations, fun stories, and lots of photographs. The book is best suited for knitters who have a command of the basic stitches or who are comfortable doing some internet research if they dont know a particular stitch because there are no visual tutorials for the techniques included in the projects. Although the stories of the Curious Creatures are presented in a storybook style, there are several warning in the book noting that the projects are not meant to be used as toys for young children due to the small parts. I think parents and knitters who enjoy creating whimsical creatures would most enjoy the book.

Review on Underground Crafter: 

Underground Crafter Book Review

May 2015

Who does Snowflake the rabbit turn to when she has trouble leaving the magicians hat, or Dotty the ladybird with no spots? Dr Knit of course, who will sort out their problems with some therapy or maybe the sort of operation only knitting needles can manage. Then there are the Ring brothers who need separating, the narwhal who has encountered rather too much rubbish and


fifteen creatures in all, each with their own story and of course their own pattern. The collection started life as an art exhibition and has to be the most refreshingly different book of knitting patterns I have ever seen! You dont need a doctor to tell you that knitting is a therapy in itself, and having fun making such a collection of imaginative toys is good for you. I can imagine children being enthralled by the stories and this will generate all sorts of imaginative play. The front of the book features the stories, illustrated with whole page photos of the finished pieces. The Knitting Laboratory mentions basic techniques such as casting on, plain and purl etc as well as basic crochet but unfortunately the illustrations run out here and everything is reduced to words. I dont think this is a suitable book for total beginners and it does not profess to be so; the patterns are simple and only use basic stitches so I would class it an improvers book. Maybe the written instructions might be of help to jog memories of people who have forgotten the basics but it is the least impressive part of the book. The final section consists of the patterns themselves, these also come in written form but should not pose too much of a problem to anybody who can do the basics. A few staged photos would be useful, but these are small projects that are quick to make up and there is more than one photo of each finished piece for comparison. A fun book that is bursting with imagination.

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