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  • Publisher: Search Press
  • Edition: BC Paperback
  • Publication: 06 May 2016
  • ISBN 13/EAN: 9781782211174
  • Carton Qty:
  • Size: 216x280 mm
  • Illustrations: 380
  • Pages: 144
  • RRP: $29.95
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Glyn Macey's World of Acrylics


How to paint sea, sky, land and life by Glyn Macey

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Book Description

This book is about giving you ideas, inspiration and new ways of looking at your world ideas that set you on your own path. This book is about your creative adventure.

Learn to paint what you find in the world around you and set your sense of joy and wonder down in vivid and expressive acrylic paintings that are unmistakably yours.

Artist and author Glyn Macey is irrepressible, enthusiastic and filled with innovative ideas for using acrylics effectively. His deep love for painting will show you how to unleash your creativity with the adaptable, interesting and exciting acrylic medium. Learn how to see like a child again, with wide-eyed excitement, and paint the world around you using just a few acrylics and whatever else you have to hand!

This book is a creative adventure that will give you ideas and inspiration for expressive and personal acrylic artworks. More importantly, it will set yourself on your own path through painting so you can discover and explore your own painting style.

Table of Contents

What do I need?
What do I do?
What colour is the sea?

The sea
Looking up
The sky
Summer’s End
Woodland & wilderness
The land
Sunlight and Shadows
The human touch
City of Life


About the Author

About Glyn Macey

Glyn Macey can often be found roaming the harbours, moorlands and coast of his native Cornwall, sketchbook in hand, recording the details of daily life and history. Such sketches are in turn used as the basis for his studio paintings. Using acrylic, mixed media and an array of mark-making techniques he endeavours to capture the underlying essence of the landscape, and the people who live in it. Glyn uses acrylics, pencil and collage to gain the spontaneity of his work and the ‘happy accidents’ that he loves. He believes that the unexpected unity of colour and texture in mixed media can often create the most exciting results.


The Artist

Jan 17

Glyn Macey's enthusiasm for his subject, his medium and his dynamic style of working and vibrant colours can only inspire and encourage you to try something similar yourself. His second, this book is as much about that way of working as it is about painting in acrylics itself. This is a sensible approach, as to restrict such a performer to dry schoolroom lessons would be to miss the point entirely. That said, you can learn a lot working from this. The exercises and demonstrations are all there but the layout tells you immediately to prepare for something different. There are no serried ranks of only-slightly-different-stage illustrations. Artworks, ideas and colours all leap of every page. It's a total immersion, but some careful design work keeps everythign clear.

Connie Keirnan

This book is great for those new to acrylics, total beginners and those looking to learn more and improve. It's opening pages excited me from the start, great simple mark making techniques followed by fantastic ideas to help me loosen upand not be afraid of the blank white canvas or paper. Very happy

The Leisure Painter

Summer 2016

Popular and dynamic tutor, Glyn Macey's new book on acrylics concentrates on painting sea, sky land and life- everything in fact! Described as a 'creative adventure', Glyn uses innovative ideas with the medium to encourage the reader to explore their own creativty, pushing the materials to their limits and using serendipity to their advantage. The book is packed full of inspirational ideas, techniques to try and advice on how to develop your own painting style.

Karen Platt

Subtitled 'How To Paint Sea, Sky, Land and Life' not only shows you how to paint those subjects but also how to find your own creative style. It includes many examples of Glyn's work plus techniques, ideas and guidance to enable you to pick up paint and brushes and get painting. Discover how he works - details of brushwork, ideas on colour, tone, capturing mood, texture, mark-making, techniques, suggestions and ideas. See the world around you and learn how to paint your world. Use the techniques to help develop your own creative style and response to the elements to produce unique paintings. In this book you are not copying, nor following step-by-step images to produce the same painting as everyone else, you are being a creative painter. There are demonstrations plus alternative ideas included that will help you to interpret the world around you. Highly recommended.


Theres what amounts to a neologism in the subtitle to this: How to paint sea, sky, land and life. Thats right, life not nature, animals or portraits, just life. This is a clue to the style of the book, and to Glyns work, which is itself full of vitality, like the man himself. I said quite a lot about this in relation to his first book.

Flick quickly through the pages here and you get the feeling more of a magazine than a book. Youll see images, features and stand-outs rather than the more usual progression of projects, exercises and demonstrations. Delve further, though, and theyre all there; its just that the design brings Glyns own dynamism to the pages. I must say I like it and, if this is a new dimension in the layout of books, you can say you saw it here first. That doesnt mean that I want all future publications to be about appearance rather than content, form rather than function, just that it works here and I think its worth following up.

Glyn is a passionate ambassador for his medium not as an end in itself, but for what it can do and this is a book that takes paint, brushes and supports by the scruff of their necks and explores their possibilities. Although Glyn is more or less a representational painter, its images rather than depictions that are his stock in trade and its the colours, tones, shades and brushwork that convey the subject rather than detailed observation. Thats not to say that he doesnt observe at all: distillations only come from intimate understanding.

So, in sum, this isnt a book about how to paint, its a book about how to paint. In the immortal words of Captain Beefheart: get me? What I mean is that this is a celebration of both painting and of acrylics. Its about understanding your subject and feeling passionate about painting it. Its about exploration, not least in the challenges it presents, such as What next and What else could you do that take each demonstration beyond its normal confines. Every stage is a jumping-off point for something else, every successful exercise a challenge for the next one and the journey is never complete. Its an exhilarating, thrilling ride and the joy is that there may be no safety net.

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