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  • Publisher: Search Press
  • Edition: BC Paperback Flexi-binding
  • Publication: 24 August 2016
  • ISBN 13/EAN: 9781782211648
  • Carton Qty: 30
  • Size: 210x228 mm
  • Illustrations: 1000
  • Pages: 128
  • RRP: $19.95
  • Series: A-Z of Needlecraft
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A-Z of Quilting


The ultimate resource for beginners and experienced quilters by Country Bumpkin & Country Bumpkin

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Book Description

A cohesive guide to quilting for beginners or established quilters, with clear step-by-step instructions.

A comprehensive guide to many of the techniques, tools and tricks involved in creating beautiful quilting projects for any occasion. Clear, photographic step-by-step guides describe how to prepare a template, how to bead or embellish, all the way through to the final binding stages. Part of the prolific Search Press Classics A-Z of Needlecraft series.

Table of Contents

Contents 5
Tools 7
Pressing and starching 11
Caring for your quilt 11
Sizes of quilts 12
Preparation 13
Templates 14
Cutting out 16
Creating the quilt top 19
Patchwork and piecing 21
Patchwork blocks 21
Piecing by hand 23
Piecing by machine 23
Sewing curves 29
Foundation piecing 30
Strip piecing 31
English piecing 32
Log cabin 33
Crazy patchwork 35
Seminole patchwork 37
Appliqué 38
Preparing shapes 38
Hand appliqué 42
Machine appliqué 46
Bias tubes 47
Broderie perse 49
Shadow appliqué 50
Reverse appliqué 51
Fabric manipulation 52
Cathedral window 52
Ruching 55
Prairie points (or shark's teeth) 57
Slashing and chenilling 60
Tucking 61
Suffolk puffs 64
Yo-yos 65 
Embellishing 67
Embroidery 67
Beading 75
Assembling the quilt top 78
Blocking 78
Setting blocks together 79
Sashing 80
Borders 82
Quilting 86
Marking the quilting design 87
Attaching the batting and lining 90
Quilting by hand 93
Quilting by machine 97
Straight line quilting 99
Echo quilting 100
Corded quilting 100
Trapunto 102
Tying 104
Finishing 106
Squaring the quilt 107
Making binding 108
Attaching binding 110
Backing turned to front 120
Adding a hanging sleeve 121
Glossary and Index 122





About the Author

About Country Bumpkin

Compiled by the expert team at Country Bumpkin, renowned Australian publishers of embroidery books and magazines.

About Country Bumpkin


Another classic reprinted with a new cover. Every quilter, no matter how experienced, needs a resource of some kind and this book is suitable from beginner up. Many quilters get into a groove of block quilting or applique, but this book shows all methods and techniques of quilting. Step by step instructions, clear photos and a wealth of information mean that you cannot fail. So whether you are a traditional quilter or a contemporary quilt artist, you'll find everything here you need if you do not have the previous edition. Includes general info, preparation, quilt top, quilting and finishing. Find information on using templates, cutting, types of piecing including advanced techniques such as cathedral windows, tucks and ruching. Embroidery stitches are also included. Enough information to introduce you to each technique so that you can use it. If, for instance, you are wishing to become really adept at machine quilting, you would perhaps need to buy a book on this aspect, but there are enough examples and the technique is explained well enough for you to give it a try. Makes a superb gift for a novice. Slim enough to carry to a class too.

Diane Chandler

I have been dabbling in quilting for a little while, then I got this book and now it's moved to anther level. I love it. The description and pictures are very clear and easy to understand.

Crochet Addict UK

This is a book that is jam packed full of so much information that it's ideal for everyone from a beginner quilter
to an experienced quilter. I love this set of book published by Search Press. They bring together everything you need to know and put it in a format that is super easy to follow.
Not only that they supply clear and easy to follow pictures so it makes everything so much easier. I love this set of book published by Search Press. They bring together everything you need to know and put it in a format that is super easy to follow. Not only that they supply clear and easy to follow pictures so it makes everything so much easier. The book starts by going through the materials and tools you will be using. This even includes how you will care for your quilt once it's complete. The book then moves onto preparation. This is so important as if you start correctly it makes the rest of the process easier. The book takes you through all of the different process you can use so that no matter what you will be able to find the information you will need. Whether you are piecing by hand or by machine. As a newbie to quilting this book is invaluable. It makes everything seem so much easier. You can take it step-by-step and then it doesn't seem as daunting. The pictures are so clear with the instructions that you can easily see the process you are following. Even sewing curves doesn't seem as daunting. The pictures are so clear with the instructions that you can easily see the process you are following.
Even sewing curves doesn't seem as daunting. The book even takes you through the embroidery
techniques you may use on your quilt. So everything is covered to make it so much easier for you to complete your quilt. Even the smallest techniques are covered so you don't have to worry about anything.
I love the fact that everything is covered so that whether you want to quilt by hand or by machine you will have the techniques you will need. There is so much packed into this book I can't cover it all. It's just so helpful!

Alison Crabb

Starts with the basics from selecting fabric to choosing the best tools with useful tips like using glass headed pins to avoid the risk of melting plastic ones when pressing your work. This book really does cover everything up to and including how to launder and store your finished quilt.

Step by step instructions with each step illustrated making them easy to follow even if you have never quilted before. Instructions are given for hand piecing or machine piecing. Appliqué techniques covered include shadow appliqué and reverse appliqué and even Broderie Perse. There is a whole section on embroidery with beautiful step by step illustrations of various stitches for even the novice to tackle with confidence.

As well as instructions for piecing your patchwork the book gives instructions for preparing and attaching batting and lining. Ideas for hand and machine quilting through to binding the finished project.

For me the best features of this book are the clear illustrated step by step guides to techniques I knew and those I was not familiar with. I also particularly like the inclusion of text boxes with hints, tips and interesting facts about quilting. The £12.99 cover price represents good value. If you only buy one quilting guide this would be a good one to buy covering basic to advanced it will serve you well over time not just as a starting point.

Carole Williams

This book is really well thought out. Clear instructions with detail, good photos, enough examples and added notes to be interesting. Although I have quilted for many years there were still things that I gained by having this book beside me. Glossary and terms explained. Good idea for a standard reference book.

Christine Hutchins

I'm quite an experienced quilter, having been sewing for over 30 years. There are still aspects that I need a reminder with, and this book fulfils my requirements. I took it along to my quilting group, where there are ladies of all abilities - some quite new to quilting, some have been doing it for some time, and they all said how useful and clear it is. This book takes you through all the aspects of quilting, from preparing your equipment, preparing for making a quilt, to the quilting, binding and finishing the quilt. There are clear instructions with photos, so you can see the different steps, and the instructions are for hand and machine piecing. I like the inclusion of different types of patchwork, - different blocks, shadow and reverse applique, ruching, and also of embroidery stitches and attaching beads. The presentation is good, and the size and rounded corners of the book make it an ideal size for keeping by the machine for reference. The only thing that is not covered, is adding a label to the back of the quilt - but labels could take up a book by themselves!

If you need a handy reference guide - this is the book for you. Well presented, a step-by-step guide to making a quilt, this should be close to every quilter's hand - it will stay open, and makes for an interesting read with the hints, tips, quotations, and flower pictures.

Mary Malins

I really loved this book and found it informative and educational. Every step was so clearly explained and full of visual photography which inspired me to start quilting again. Some great tips also from preparing to start your quilting, which weight of fabrics to use and how to move forward with more technical templates. Also, gives good ideas for finishing and display.
Certainly, I would recommend this book for any quilter, beginner or experienced.

Sarah Dennis

I am a beginner when it comes to quilting (although I have been sewing for many years). I have read quite a few quilting books but never really "got it". The A-Z of Quilting starts with a list of items needed for quilting so you are clear from the start exactly what you need and can gather everything before you start your project.

Then comes a section on templates, I have never read a quilting book which goes into such detailed information regarding templates. The emphasis on taking the time to make sure your templates are accurate makes a lot of sense.

The instructions, combined with the colour pictures, explain very clearly how each component should be cut, pinned, stitched and assembled. There are many techniques that I have not seen in other books.

The section on embroidery stitches, again, is very clear with well written instructions and photos showing each stage of the stitch.

This is a very helpful book and I now "get" quilting

Carol Mellor

 Found this a very informative book on quilting. It answers every question you could think of and is beautifully illustrated with step by step pictures from the most basic techniques to the more advanced so it will suit a novice or a more experienced quilter. I would certainly recommend it.

Lyn Lewis

A really useful book which gives you a great introduction to virtually everything your likely to ask questions about.
However it is also a perfectly sized aide memoir for anyone with some previous experience too
I really liked the slightly different size of this book, not quite as deep as an A4 and just a little wider,
making it easier to hold in the hand.
Clear illustrations and concise explanations so I happily recommend this book.
I had never seen instructions for circular ruching before and will be trying that out straight away!

Pam Butterfield

i think this book is great it is for beginners and experienced quilters .lots of new ideas and tips along the way .very easy to understand with good clear instructions on how to do things .would definitely recommend this book to my friends

West Country Embroiderers

Newsletter 63, Summer 06

Never too old to learn a craft.

I was enthralled and couldn't put the book down.

The size is just right to hold.

Instructions were clear and informative from very basic design to more complicated.

Clear diagrams and pictures to follow the instructions.

This book is a must for needlewomen to have on their shelves.


Jan 06

The latest in the popular A-Z series of books focuses on the intricacies of quilting and will prove a useful reference book for quilters of all levels and experience. The guide opens with a general section covering the materials required, useful tools, and how to clean and store quilts. This is followed by a detailed step-by-step photo guide covering every aspect of hand and machine quilting from creating templates to finishing and binding...There are a variety of methods for creating the quilt and attaching the layers by hand or machine...The final section covers squaring the quilt, binding it and adding a sleeve to hand the finished masterpiece! The clear photos, straightforward instructions and spiral binding make this a useful book to keep by the sewing machine.

Workshop On The Web

Dec 05

If you are new to quilting, this is a good book to start you off. It has lots of step-by-step photos which, although small, show the processes very clearly. The book covers everything: preparing the fabrics, piecing techniques, manipulations, embroidery stitches and embellishments. There is a good section on finishing which offers a variety of indings and ends with a hanging sleeve for display. The glossary of quilting terms is good and the photography clear and colourful.

Patchwork & Quilting

Feb 06

Filled with almost 900 full colour step-by-step photographs this guide provides a great introduction to every aspect of creating a quilted project. Starting with the basics of what materials and tools are required, you are taken gently through how to go about creating a quilt top, how to sandwixh it and finally to quilt and finish it, whether by hand or machine. An ideal book, both for beginners or those who would find use for a comprehensive reference guide.

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