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  • Publisher: Search Press
  • Edition: BC Paperback
  • Publication: 18 October 2014
  • ISBN 13/EAN: 9781782211778
  • Carton Qty: 30
  • Size: 210x228 mm
  • Illustrations: 400
  • Pages: 128
  • RRP: $19.95
  • Series: A-Z of Needlecraft
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A-Z of Stumpwork


The ultimate reference and design source for stumpwork embroiderers by Country Bumpkin

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Book Description

A comprehensive guide to this raised embroidery technique, featuring all the stitches and techniques the needleworker needs to know, with hints, tips, 400 clear step by step photographs and 20 beautiful designs.

With its beginnings in seventeenth century England, stumpwork is today making a revival. Come join us for an exciting journey into the world of raised embroidery.
There are over 400 clear step-by-step photographs and instructions presented in five easy to use sections and 20 stunning designs from around the world. Each design is beautifully presented with colour photography, easy to follow instructions and full size pattern. There is expert advice on the materials and tools you need to ensure success and enjoyment, and tips and hints to help you perfect your stitches and techniques.

  • Comprehensive guide to stumpwork
  • Full of hints and tips covering all the embroiderer needs to know
  • Over 400 step by step photographs and 20 stunning designs
  • Revamped design of a book that has sold well over many years

Table of Contents


Fabrics and interfacings
Found objects

Needlelace pad
Other tools

Transferring designs to main fabric
Transferring shapes for cutting out

8 Surface Embroidery Techniques - raised and padded stitches
18 Padding and Slip Techniques
24 Wirework Techniques
30 Needlelace
40 Beading

46 Magic Mushrooms
50 Nature's Diner
53 Angel
56 Wild Rose Garland
59 Elizabethan Bouquet
64 Cottontail
66 Berry Garland
70 Fishwatch
72 Henry
75 Rainbow Lorikeet
78 Out of Africa
86 Wild Passionfruit
89 Tulipa
92 Geraldton Wax
94 Christmas Bells
97 Spring Splendour
100 Gossamer
104 Spirit of Spring
108 Forbidden Fruit
110 Verity




About the Author

About Country Bumpkin

Compiled by the expert team at Country Bumpkin, renowned Australian publishers of embroidery books and magazines.



April 2015

Since it's 17th-century heyday, stitchers have been charmed by raised embroidery's ability to produce truly animated results, and stumpwork is enjoying a well-deserved renaissance. Lizzie Kulinski's teddy bear 'Henry' begs to be picked up and cuddled with his padded muzzle and domed tum. Jan Kerton's beaded 3D blackberries are succulent enough to lure the birds from the trees. Libby Vater's 'Cottontail' bunny's ear, worked as a detached piece, is affixed with an instruction impossible to resist: 'Gently stroke the ear to shape it.' Packed with clear step-by-step photographs and instructions and full-size trace of patterns, this is an essential guide; stumpwork beginners and experts will appreciate the careful distillation of basic and advanced techniques, styles and colourful inspiration. A welcome practicality is the 'lay-flat' binding, which enables the book to remain open for reference while you stitch.

Karen Platt

March 2015

This form of three-dimensional embroidery has been around since the 17th century. This book shows stitches used with over 400 step-by-step photos. Full-size patterns are included for 20 designs. You'll find out all about raised and padded stitches. Each stitch is clearly shown and the instructions are easy to follow. The designs include mushrooms, flowers, animals, a bear, berries and butterflies. With each design, you see clearly at a glance the stitches used, materials needed and order of work. There are no step-by-step photos for working the designs. Favourite designs include Elizabethan Bouquet; Geraldton Wax, an Iris and if I could only choose one, it would be Gossamer because the silver wire worked butterfly is stunning.

Mary Corbet's Needle 'n' Thread

From Mary Corbet's Needle 'n' Thread"

A-Z of Stumpwork was originally published by Country Bumpkin Publications, but, as of 2015, it has been recently re-published by Search Press, along with the rest of the A-Z needlework series.

This is good news for embroiderers worldwide, because the A-Z books are some of the best embroidery reference books (and the most beautiful!), and theyre now available to a wider audience, more affordably.

A-Z of Stumpwork focuses on dimensional embroidery techniques, made famous in 17th century embroidery, and enjoying a huge resurgence in popularity today.


A-Z of Stumpwork Book Review


The cover above is from the new A-Z of Stumpwork published by Search Press in 2015.

If you own the old version, or if youre considering buying a used copy, the old cover looks like this:


A-Z of Stumpwork Book Review


The book begins with general information about stumpwork: materials needed, tools, how to transfer the design, and so forth. Then it launches into the instructional section, which covers surface embroidery stitches (both raised and padded stitches), padding and slip techniques, wirework techniques, needlelace techniques, and beading techniques.


A-Z of Stumpwork Book Review


Each technique section is filled with step-by-step color photos.


A-Z of Stumpwork Book Review


Below each photo is the written explanation of the step illustrated.


A-Z of Stumpwork Book Review


If youve wondered how to use felt as padding, wonder no more the book shows several different ways to use felt, whether in single layers or worked up over many layers.


A-Z of Stumpwork Book Review


The book instructs on ways of making separate slips that is, embroidered pieces that are separate from the main design and then attached onto the design.


A-Z of Stumpwork Book Review


Wired leaves always come to mind when I think of stumpwork, and the book demonstrates clearly how to make these detachable leaves and petals, and how to attach them to the main design.


A-Z of Stumpwork Book Review


Beads are a regular part of many stumpwork designs, so theres a thorough section on how to attach beads to your stumpwork projects.


A-Z of Stumpwork Book Review


And often in stumpwork, we run across covered beads berries or whatnot made out of thread-covered wooden beads. The book details different ways to cover these types of beads.


A-Z of Stumpwork Book Review


Finally, the back of the book features over twenty beautiful stumpwork projects created by talented designers from all over the world. (Incidentally, the Magic Mushrooms stumpwork designabove is available for free on the Country Bumpkin website.)


A-Z of Stumpwork Book Review


The designs range from tropical birds to modern flowers to scenes of Africa to Elizabethan flowers theres a wide variety of designs, and theyre suited for beginners to stumpwork, to intermediate (and beyond).


A-Z of Stumpwork Book Review


The back of the book contains line drawings for all the designs and their elements.

What can I say about this book that the book doesnt say for itself? If youre interested in stumpwork embroidery, then Id say this is one of those necessary reference books that youll want on your bookshelf!

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