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  • Publisher: Search Press
  • Edition: BC Paperback
  • Publication: 05 December 2016
  • ISBN 13/EAN: 9781782213154
  • Carton Qty:
  • Size: 210x295 mm
  • Illustrations: 170
  • Pages: 64
  • RRP: $17.95
  • Series: Art of Drawing
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Art of Drawing: Drawing Statues


by Giovanni Civardi

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Book Description

Bestselling life-drawer, Giovanni Civardi, teaches the art of studying statues in this inspirational and easy-to-follow guide. His techniques will suit beginners as well as those more experienced in life drawing.

Sculptures and statues have been popular subjects for observational sketching since the Renaissance, and the art of drawing statues has regularly been included in teaching programmes at art schools. Seen as perfect examples of the highest standards of beauty, style and composition, and as a tribute to classical art, capturing statues on paper allows artists to learn the techniques and study the human form before working from a live model. 

In this inspirational and easy-to-follow guide, best-selling artist, Giovanni Civardi, teaches the art of drawing statues, sharing his expert advice on recreating beautiful sculptures in pencil with lifelike detail, observing closely human anatomy, form and structure. This comprehensive overview of the techniques involved suits beginners as well as those more experienced in life drawing, and includes advice, suggestions and practical guidance on all aspects of drawing from life.

About the Author

About Giovanni Civardi

Giovanni Civardi is a best-selling Italian artist and author, with over 600,000 copies of his books sold worldwide in English alone. Civardi was born in Milan, Italy in 1947. While training to become a sculptor, portrait artist and illustrator at the Free Life-Study School of the Accademia di Brera, he also studied medicine and surgery. For over a decade, he worked as an illustrator, producing commissions for newspapers, magazines and book covers. During frequent trips to France and Denmark, Civardi put on one-man exhibitions of this work and pursued his interest in studying the relationship between medical anatomy and the human form as depicted by the artist. His experience gained from teaching anatomy, life drawing and portraiture in schools and institutions over many years has led to the publication of numerous books in which Civardi's experiences are brought into focus. For more work and information visit his website:


Dawn Spink

This is a great visual source book and is an essential reference for anyone who is thinking about starting a Life drawing class or just wants to practice. It allows you to study light and shade which will give you the confidence and inspiration you will need to draw from life or from statues in a museum

Lesley Caltieri

As a lover of Italian art and having recently visited Florence and Venice I was keen to get my hands on this book. Initially I thought it would be a bit too 'wordy' with quite a dense introduction to each statue however it was interesting to read the history of each statue. It is most
probably a little too advanced for me with regard to drawing techniques - a failure on my part rather than Giovanni Civardi! Understanding Human Form and Structure also by the same author may be beneficial to those wanting to advance their skills. Having said that it's a book I have thoroughly enjoyed reading and worth buying

Well, this is nothing if not niche! However, as Giovanni points out in his introduction, drawing statues has been part of art teaching since the sixteenth century. Originally, classical pieces were selected as examples of the highest standard of beauty, style, harmony and composition. On a practical level, they can be more accessible than a life model and have the advantage, as well as being static, of already being an interpretation that provides a clearly delineated form. Structure, anatomy and musculature have already been dealt with and its almost like having an outline prepared ready for you. As a first lesson in figure drawing, its a hard starting point to beat.

There is more of the worked demonstration here that is usual with Giovannis books, and it suits the subject matter well. Most of the statues include are indeed classical, but youll also find Degas Little Dancer and Rodins The Kiss. As ever, Giovannis sensitive pencil work is a joy to behold.

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