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  • Publisher: Search Press
  • Edition: BC Paperback
  • Publication: 02 November 2016
  • ISBN 13/EAN: 9781782213246
  • Carton Qty: 24
  • Size: 204x260 mm
  • Illustrations: 140
  • Pages: 144
  • RRP: $24.95
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Paper Panda's Guide to Papercutting


by Paper Panda

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Book Description

20 fabulous papercuts from the amazing Paper Panda and friends.

Paper Panda, aka Louise Firchau, is a papercutting superstar, with thousands of fans worldwide eager to purchase her distinctive and highly sought after papercut designs. In this gorgeous book, she shows you not only how its done in easy-to-follow steps, but also provides over 20 papercutting templates to try out for yourself. The book begins with a design section in which Paper Panda provides a personal account of what inspires her, how she works, and how Paper Panda came about. This is followed by the techniques section, in which step-by-step demonstrations illustrate various techniques, including infilling. There follows a fascinating insight into how the author creates finished artwork suitable for papercutting, then how to make the template itself, and how to use the finished papercut to make cards, framed pictures, and so on.  

There are 20 papercut projects in the book; five from Paper Panda herself and five each from three of Paper Panda’s friends and colleagues (Sarah Trumbauer, Louise Dyer and Suzy Taylor) all accomplished papercutters in their own rights. Each project consists of a template, which is reproduced at full-size at the back of the book, and a finished paper cut, together with some simple instructions. The designs are simple enough for beginners, though attractive and interesting enough to inspire more advanced papercutters. The projects themselves include cards, decorations, and mounted and framed pictures to hang on the wall, all using a variety of coloured and patterned papers to show off Paper Panda and friends’ distinctive and beautiful designs to their best advantage. 

About the Author

About Paper Panda

After leaving school, Louise Firchau studied art and design, art history, illustration and typography, and enjoyed card making, glass painting and sketching. In 2000 she was inspired to start paper cutting, and in 2010 she started her own online company called Paper Panda, making typographical lyrical paper cuts from recycled paper. Since then Paper Panda has grown enormously and she now sells paper cuts and giftware in a range of distinctive styles. Louise has a huge following and has taught thousands of people to paper cut though online groups using her paper cutting starter kit, which she also sells from her on-line shop.


Customer Review

Paper Pandas Guide to Papercutting provides a thorough introduction to paper cutting. Great for the beginner but also lots of advice, ideas and inspiration for the experienced paper cutter.

The book starts with a comprehensive introduction to all the tools and materials you will need to get started. The basics are then explained, followed by a chapter covering technique with a clear step by step canter through the processes of paper cutting. I found this chapter easy to follow as someone new to paper cutting and the pictures were great to check you are doing things right!

Design inspiration follows which is fabulous for those new to the craft as well as for old hands. There are magical designs and handy hints and tips that really help you get excited about starting your project.

The creating a design chapter gives you lots of ideas about what to create and there are designs of differing levels of difficulty so there should be something for all abilities.

The book then takes a detailed look at several projects by four skilled designers. There is a short biography of each of the designers followed by designs like flamingos, magic garden and falling star which you can attempt accompanied by tips from the designers.

A number of paper cut templates make up the final pages of the book so there is plenty of opportunity to practice and try lots of different techniques.

Craft Focus Magazine Dec 2018/Jan 2019

Papercut superstar Louise Firchau shows crafters how to get to grips with this intricate technique in Paper Panda's Guide to Papercutting. The book includes designs and methods, together with a fascinating insight into how the author creates finished artwork suitable for papercutting, as well as advice on using each piece to make cards and framed pictures. There are 20 projects inside, including cards and decorations, all using a variety of colours and framed papers. 

Craft Business August 2018

/_uploads/Image Reviews/PaperPandaCraftBuisAug18.jpg

Karen Teulon

This is a great book with clear step by step instructions. The patterns that come with it are really great and give a lot more variety than you find on Google. You do have to photocopy the designs as they are printed back to back and some of them have to be enlarged too, that's the only draw back - but then again, it does mean you can do them over and over again.

Rowena Relf

I got this book after tipping my toe into paper cutting with the twenty to make book. Am I glad I did! It's beautifully put together that even a beginner like me can get great use out of it. There is a section of how to and tips with a 'practice' section you can copy and excellent step by step instructions. The patterns are great and I'm sure there will be something for everyone. Obviously I'll be photocopying the patterns which it seems that's what is intended, so you can reuse them time and time again.

Shell Stowell

As an avid paper cutter and paper panda fan this book is just brilliant. It is written in the panda 'style' and is full of hints and tricks about blades infills ect. A definite must have for all of those who wish to start up a new hobby.

Postcard Reviews

I received this book as a Christmas present, and it is a craft that I have not tried before.
This book is perfectly illustrated making it easy to follow and the instructions are simplistic.

This inexpensive craft gives beautiful results and is something that I have enjoyed learning. My finished results have been given as gifts and have been well received.

You do need a little bit of patience and a steady hand but I am happy to recommend.

Sharon Sutton

A great introduction to papercutting, this book has been beautifully written and illustrated. Paper Panda explains how to get started, what materials to buy and techniques to use. Techniques are described with clear step-by-step photographs with advise on how to cut them. 20 templates are provided to re-use as many times as you like. Included is a guide to framing and finishing your papercuts. Great book for beginners to get started.

Alyson Chapman

Paper Pandas Guide To Papercutting; Search Press

I received this book last week and began reading at it straight away; Papercutting is a hobby Ive been keen to try so this book was a welcome addition!

This is a fabulous book this is for Paper Crafting fans; full of ideas, easy to follow instructions and photographs of the finished articles. The first part of the book is a very detailed How To guide, theres a part giving details of the inspiration behind certain patterns with the back of the book left to 20 pages of gorgeous black/white Papercutting designs. These patterns range from fairly tricky to nearly impossible! I haven't got a finished product to photograph for you yet but Ive tried lots of times. I seem to do quite well for a while before my hand cramps up and I manage to ruin the design I managed to decapitate a poor little rabbit! I love this as it challenges the mind as well as being great fun and giving (eventually) exquisite finished products.

If you enjoy paper craft of any kind I would encourage you to give this book a go - you will not be disappointed and I am certain that your family and friends would love a finished article as a gift although with the work that goes into them defy you to not keep half the pictures you make! Thank you Paper Panda & Thank you Search Press brilliant!

Christine Hutchins

What a fantastic book!It is not a simply 'how to do it' guide, but an entertaining read as well. This has to be the 'go-to' guide for those starting the hobby of papercutting, and for those who are more experienced. The instructions are clear, and the section on copyright is very helpful. Even better are the patterns in the back to have a go at - and the invitation to photocopy them on card if you don't want to take them out of the book. The photos demonstrate the techniques well. If you want to start or improve your papercutting - this is the book for you. Paper Panda has already demonstrated through social media what can be achieved in this art - and in my opinion, they are the first port of call for help, advice - and supplies!

Elizabeth Hardman

Great book, will teach you all that you need to know to start paper cutting

Louise Blackah

I've been a fan of Paper Panda's work for a while, looking in awe at the fantastic images on the facebook page and trying to pluck up the courage to give it a go. This book has encouraged me to make learning papercutting my New Year's Resolution. The book is so easy to read and use. With step by step images and practice templates, not to mention Paper Panda explaining more about how the papercutting business came about and explaining her own style, I now feel confident enough to give it a go. With templates at the back of the book to use or photocopy and then use I can't wait to get started. Thoroughly recommend

Beth Esdamse

The first thing i noticed about this book was it's smooth cover with a slightly raised design in the center. I think it is a nice feature as if the author is saying 'this is how papercutting feels and this is one idea how to present you work'.
Inside, the book layout is easy to follow, colourful and the dialogue is presented in an encouraging and friendly manner, with hints and tips on nearly every page.
The book is suitable for everyone as in the GETTING STARTED section there are a number of templates for beginners to photocopy and practice with, before moving on to the project templates, which are at the back of the book and have a cutting line drawn for ease of extraction from the book.
For beginners there are chapters offering guidance on TOOLS AND MATERIALS as well as TECHNIQUES and for more advanced papercutters there are chapters on DESIGN INSPIRATION and CREATING A DESIGN.
In conclusion this book is ideal for anyone looking to start a new hobby or someone looking to advance their skills.

Deborah Lewis

This book is the perfect for beginners who want to discover the wonderful world of paper cutting. I wish this had been around 3 years ago when i started, as there wasn't anything that explained it as well as this book. It is also great for those who have been doing this craft for a while now, even after 3 years of paper cutting i still found out things i didn't know.
It takes you through everything you need to start, from all the tools, what papers to use, how to get started, tips, how to infill, how to frame. There is little bios of all the artists who contributed their templates, and when you have finally got the confidence there are 20 beautiful templates to try out from the artist themselves. The book is beautifully set out, with lovely photos from start to finish, even the small touches of the page corners haven't been left out.
I would definitely recommend this book to beginners and to people who are already into paper cutting, it is essential reading for all paper crafters and any one who may wish to start a new hobby. It would make a lovely present for all

Grab a knife and sheet of paper and get ready to fall in love with the ancient craft of papercutting.  Forget expensive die cutting machines and show everybody what can be done with the simplest of tools

Im no Luddite but confess that I do prefer the relaxing and much cheaper alternative of doing it myself with a few basic items and my own imagination.  This is an ideal book for anybody who does not need to mass produce and is aimed at both the beginner and intermediate papercutter.  To start there are a few pages about tools and papers, some useful beginner exercises and information about things like layering, infills, framing and looking for inspiration.  This includes a useful piece about the perils of copyrights and a couple of pages on designing your own work which is mostly about positive/negative images and cutting words.  There are three other designers works in here apart from Paper Panda making a nice mix of styles and over twenty projects to cut.  After a brief bio from each designer you can take a look at all the projects in their finished state together with a short description regarding inspiration and a hint or two.  After this comes the templates themselves ready to copy and cut.  Choose from inspiring words, folk art, animals, birds, flowers, figures, seasonal etc including flamingos surrounded by plants, a Dala horse, cuckoo clock, Christmas tree, sun and moon and a garden scene.  Designs can be copied for your own personal use or sold in aid of charities and are ideal for greetings cards, pictures and whatever else you can think of to adorn with a paper cut.  This is a beautiful and inspiring book that will appeal to anybody who wants to take up the hobby or who is looking for some attractive and imaginative projects to cut.

The Papercraft Post

If you or someone you know are thinking about trying your hand at papercutting, this new title from Search Press is an ideal go-to sourcebook. Fronted by papercut artiste and star Facebook blogger Paper Panda (Louise Patricia Firchau), this is a handy user-friendly guide to the craft of papercutting chock full of tips and tricks, plus it contains 20 papercutting templates of varying levels of complexity (so this title is not just for newbies). Papercutters of every level of experience can glean a new insight or inspiration from this delightful book.
The & Friends in the title are papercutters Sarah Trumbauer (from Pennsylvania, home of Pennsylvania Dutch folk art designs), Suzy Taylor, and Louise Dyer they, along with Paper Panda, offer designs in their own recognizable styles, plus their own personal takes on the craft.
Paper Panda, although she has art school training, did not zoom in upon the craft of papercutting until 2000. She is self-taught and she recounts her creative journey and generously shares her papercutting tips best studio practice, sourcing inspiration, copyright info, presentation tips all in her friendly, funny, approachable conversational style. The Techniques section is particularly useful it includes Making a Layered Papercut (dimension it!), Making Infills (placing colour behind cut-out areas), and Framing and Finishing. 
A nice feature is the inclusion of Mini-Cuts when you start a new hobby, a small success leads the way to more ambitious undertakings. 
Now I should tell you that all the designs are extremely appealing - but none are super-duper simple - so expect a learning curve.
So, a papercutting addition to your crafty Christmas book list.

All you need to know about papercutting, including tips, techniques, materials and 20 great templates too. Discover the design secrets, inspiration and ideas from students. Clear step-by-step photos guide you every step of the way. Great photos and clear instructions make this book a winner. From beginners upwards, you'll find this book useful. Cut basic shapes, make layers, infills and intricate designs. Superb projects. This book really celebrates the art of papercutting.

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