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  • Publisher: Search Press
  • Edition: BC Paperback
  • Publication: 13 January 2016
  • ISBN 13/EAN: 9781782213260
  • Carton Qty:
  • Size: 216x292 mm
  • Illustrations: 200
  • Pages: 96
  • RRP: $19.95
  • Series: Start to Paint
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Start to Paint with Acrylics


The techniques you need to create beautiful paintings by Arnold Lowrey

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Book Description

Arnold Lowrey offers an inspiring and creative introduction to painting with acrylics, and in clear, simple-to-understand terms he explores the materials and techniques you will need to get started in this exciting medium.

Arnold Lowrey is a popular and experienced author and artist, well-known on both sides of the Atlantic. In this new edition of his popular book Painting with Acrylics (Search Press, 2006) he offers an inspiring and creative introduction to painting with acrylics, and in clear, simple-to-understand terms he explores the materials and techniques you will need to get started in this exciting medium. Using a vibrant and colourful palette, he clearly illustrates all the materials, tools and basic techniques followed by a series of step-by-step demonstrations to build up skills. Before you realise it you will be producing your own beautiful paintings - with this fresh, innovative introduction to acrylics.

  • Aimed at beginner level, this book covers all the essential techniques of working in acrylics
  • Includes six step-by-step projects
  • A new edition of the author's highly successful book Painting with Acrylics

Table of Contents

Introduction 6
Materials 8
Using colour 14
Getting started 20

Misty Mountains - Watercolour technique 30
Seascape - Oil technique: impasto 46
The Grand Canal, Venice - Mixed techniques: thick and thin 60
Misty Harbour - Glazing with white 74
Evening Solitude - Glazing with colours 78
Rock in a Landscape - Using pastes and gels 84

Index 96

About the Author

About Arnold Lowrey

Arnold Lowrey has been painting in a variety of media for over25 years. He exhibits his paintings in Wales and London. Arnold holds regular weekend workshops and weekly painting courses, residential watercolour courses and demonstrations for Art Societies. For more information visit


The SAA Catalogue 19/20

Arnold presents a lively, inspirational introduction to acrylics. With his vibrant palette, clear step-by-step photographs and a series of simple demonstrations, he shows how to create sparkling paintings full of life, interest and atmosphere.

Tessa Spaton

I found this book easy to read. It starts with some useful sections on materials, techniques, colour mixing and composition. Then there are 6 well illustrated step by step demonstrations with clear detailed instructions and highlighted tips. In the summary on the back cover these are described as simple projects. The first project involved using 10 different colours. 5 of the projects are done on watercolour paper and many of the techniques used are similar to those used in watercolour. I liked the second project best, the subject matter was easier and the acrylics were painted impasto, on canvas board, like oils. I would like to have seen more of a balance between oil and watercolour techniques and a demonstration on a canvas with a coloured ground.

Margaret Whiteoak

Great all-round book covering basic information for the beginner and experienced painter alike. It explores materials available and useful tips on composition and use of colour. It then goes on to 6 step by step demonstrations which illustrate all the techniques, from washes and dry brush strokes to layering colours and building up a picture. The results are beautiful, vibrant paintings which inspire the reader to try out this versatile medium. I liked this book and think it is a good buy.

Learn how to paint with acrylics. This book covers many of the techniques and provides step-by-step instructions for paintings. It includes an introduction, materials, colour, getting started and the demonstrations: misty mountains, seascape, The Grand Canal, misty harbour, evening solitude and rocks in a landscape. It shows you how to achieve different effects, use mediums, pastes and gels, composition and using photographs. The book is full of fantastic paintings throughout. It was previously published as Painting With Acrylics.

I dont normally review reissues, but Search Press have been making such a good job of them lately that these two are definitely worth a mention. Although theyre 10 years old (gold star for mentioning the original publication date on the title page), theyve been completely re-edited and re-originated so that they have all the feel and quality of new books. Printing technology advances so quickly that what was cutting edge last week can look tired and a bit unsharp now. As regards design, its hard to put a finger on whats different in modern terms, or even why it looks so much better, but these have a sparkle and vitality to them that belies their albeit modest age. Given how hard it is to unpick something that was perfectly good in the first place, this is an amazing job.

The approach is the same in both books: an introduction with an overview of the subject in hand, materials, equipment and basic techniques, leading on to a series of demonstrations that illustrate a variety of landscape subjects. As primers for those new to both the medium and to painting itself, the work is first class and definitely worth keeping in print. The fact that a book is older doesnt mean it cant have appeal to a whole new audience. Id say, though, that even if you have the originals, these new versions are well worth a look.

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