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  • Publisher: Search Press
  • Edition: BC Paperback
  • Publication: 26 September 2018
  • ISBN 13/EAN: 9781782216452
  • Carton Qty:
  • Size: 222x222 mm
  • Illustrations: 400
  • Pages: 176
  • RRP: $19.95
  • Series: New edition
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The Encyclopedia of Printmaking Techniques


A unique visual directory of printmaking techniques, with guidance on how to use them by Judy Martin

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Book Description

A new, up-to-date edition of the popular and comprehensive encyclopedia on printing techniques by professional artist Judy Martin. 

A new, up-to-date edition of this popular and comprehensive encyclopedia on printing techniques by professional artist Judy Martin. 

This inspirational, visual guide offers a wealth of information on the techniques and materials you'll need before embarking on your printing pursuits. Starting with your equipment and safety essentials, all the different methods of printmaking are covered, from monoprinting, wood engraving and etching to intaglio printing, screen-printing and more. Then, learn how to apply these methods yourself by following the helpful, illustrated step-by-step demonstrations inside to create your own printed pieces. There is even advice on how to take your printmaking even further, with suggestions on organising studio space at home or in a commercial environment.

Finally, a stunning gallery of images created by professional printmakers, featured throughout the book provides inspiration for your own beautiful artwork.


Table of Contents


- Introduction
- Monoprints
- Linocut
- Woodcut
- Wood engraving
- Collage blocks
- Screen-printing
- Drypoint
- Mezzotint
- Etching
- Intaglio printing
- Lithography

- Line and tone
- Graphic impact
- Pattern and texture
- Colour
- Composition
- Mood and atmosphere



About the Author

About Judy Martin

Judy Martin is a painter and teacher also known as the author of a number of practical art books. She lives and works in Brighton, on England’s south coast, and exhibits in her home studio every year for the Artist’s Open Houses during Brighton Festival. She studied painting and printmaking at Maidstone College of Art and went on to a two-year postgraduate degree at Reading University. She was a freelance writer and editor for a period of fifteen years, and has subsequently worked in adult education and at a mental health day centre, facilitating groups in art craft and ceramic work.

Customer review

A very informative comprehensive book on many different techniques. Very clear and detailed. Would make an excellent resource For anyone interested or studying.

Customer review

Having done some linocutting in the past, I have been thinking about trying out different printing techniques but wasnt sure where to start. The Encyclopedia of Printmaking Techniques is a great introduction for people wanting to get into printmaking. The Tools & Techniques sections tell you exactly what you need to get started and how to go about making different sorts of marks. The book covers 11 different techniques including linocut, woodcut, intaglio and lithography. The Themes sections at the end help you think more about planning your work and developing the artistic side. This part talks about line and tone, colour, composition etc. The book seems ideal for someone who is interested in trying out some printmaking techniques. Im feeling much more confident about trying out woodcut printing now Ive got this book.

Customer review

Printmaking covers a wide range of techniques and activities illustrated with lovely pictures to demonstrate the many techniques. It is extremely easy to follow each technique from planning the image, to drawing or cutting the image, before printing the plate. I was inspired by the gallery of finished prints explaining succinctly, how they have been constructed. The gallery pictures are beautiful and depict inventive ways different artists have exploited different printing processes. A brief accompaniment explains how the artist achieved the result. If you love printmaking in all its forms, then this is the book for you. From monoprints to collagraphs, drypoint to lithographs, this book has it all. Worth every penny.

Customer review

The Encyclopedia of Printmaking Techniques has informative pictorial guides to Lino-cutting, wood-engraving, sharpening tools (very useful), proofing, mono and colour printing, plus other interesting methods. There are inspirational pictures and designs of all styles, helping the reader with content, composition, mood and colour. Everything you need whether a beginner or a more experienced printer, to enhance your own techniques.

Customer review

This review refers to the brand new updated 2018 paperback edition of a classic title which was first published in 1993 as part of the long running series of Art and Design technique encyclopaedias originally produced by Headline Book Publishing. Having dabbled in printmaking over the years, particularly lithography, screen, lino and, more recently, collagraphic printing, I found this well illustrated book a good introduction to all the main techniques. There is an informative section on materials, tools and the work environment at the beginning. Each section runs through the specific tools and materials needed for the technique covered. But by far the greatest strength of this book is the inclusion of printmaking work by practising artists. Illustrating the diversity of printmaking this would inspire anyone to explore the subject further. As as a general guide it would inspire anyone to take further steps in their printmaking journey.

SEW Region Magazine (June 2019)

I think this book works for the complete beginner to the more experienced printer giving new ideas and new ways of getting print to paper or fabric. A stunning gallery of images created by professional printmakers, featured throughout the book provides inspiration. I will be referring to it often, accumulating ideas for future work.

This is a review of the 2018 edition. A new and updated edition of this classic bestseller. Printmaking is a wide subject with many specialisms. If you are unsure and wish to explore, this book is a good place to start because you can try out the different techniques. Discover and develop your skills is the key of this book. Information is highly visible with many illustrations throughout. Step by step demonstrations give you a real taste of the techniques. It covers tools and techniques, monoprints, linocut, woodcut, wood engraving, collage, screen printing, drypoint, mezzotint, etching, intaglio and lithography as well as some themes. It serves as an introduction so that you can get a feel for the techniques you wish to explore further. Linocut is one of the most popular techniques and has 8 pages in this section dedicated to planning, cutting, proofing and printing as well as printing in colour. Thorough and concise.

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