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  • Publisher: Search Press
  • Edition: BC Paperback
  • Publication: 01 May 2020
  • ISBN 13/EAN: 9781782216926
  • Carton Qty: 28
  • Size: 204x260 mm
  • Illustrations: 300
  • Pages: 128
  • RRP: $19.95
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Fairytale Blankets to Crochet


10 fantasy-themed children's blankets for storytime cuddles by Lynne Rowe

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Book Description

Do you know a child with a favourite storytime character? Crochet them a hooded blanket, then settle down to complete the entourage!

Bedtime bookworms will love snuggling up and listening to their favourite story in a cosy hooded blanket. Bring storytime to life as they act out the characters will they be a goodie or a baddie, Little Red Riding Hood or the wolf?

Lynne Rowe’s latest new book has ten fun, fairytale projects to crochet, including a deer, a dragon, a lion and a unicorn. Each blanket can be made in two sizes: for toddlers (age 2 to 4) and for young children (age 5 to 7).

Along with crochet techniques, there are suggestions for varying the yarn colour to create a different character (changing a polar bear into a brown bear, for example) and you can choose between a rounded or a pointed hood. Lynne has also designed a strip of matching bunting to accompany each project.

Every blanket tells a story, with pockets on the sides for snuggly paws and different tails. Perfect for unwinding for a bedtime story and animating the oral tradition of storytelling little listeners, as well as their parents, will find themselves enchanted.

Table of Contents

Tools and materials
Basic techniques

The projects
Basic patterns: square
Basic patterns: rectangular
Polar bear
Princess or prince
Little Red Riding Hood
Festive elf

Extra Information

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About the Author

About Lynne Rowe

Lynne Rowe was taught to knit and crochet by her grandmother in her early childhood and has been hooked ever since. She has developed a wide range of specialist skills and loves to pass these on to others through her workshops and classes. She is best known for her whimsical designs which feature regularly in the UK’s most popular craft magazines, along with articles and technical guides. Her practical approach makes her patterns straightforward, easy to read and fun to make. Her aim is to encourage as many people as possible to knit and crochet. Lynne lives in Congleton, Cheshire.


Machine Knitting Monthly

Bedtime bookworms will love snuggling up and listening to their favourite story in a cosy hooded blanket. The book has ten fairytale projects to crochet. Each blanket has two sizes, for ages 2-4 and 5-7 years. There are ideas for changing colours to create different characters, so every blanket tells a story.

Inside Crochet

There's nothing quite like wrapping ups someone you love in a homemade blanket, and this collection is certain to be loved by little ones and big ones alike! There are ten fantasy-themed children's blankets, inspired by Lynne's own children's love to play. Each blanket has a corner-to-corner base with a hood, and designs range from a vibrant Red Riding Hood and fringed Wolf with a jaunty ears, to fish with fins and gills and roar-some lion! The blankets all feature bunting patterns to create themed play areas.

Crochet Now

Lynne Rowes magical new collection of crocheted blankets has been inspired by her own children, who love to play-act and dress up. Its clear as you flick through this collection of 10 whimsical patterns that Lynne has given each project a lot of thought and care, taking her inspiration from tales that we all know, children and adults alike!

Patterns inside the book include animals, from the humble fish to the mighty dragon, or how about a stealthy, hungry wolf? Little ones can snuggle up as a polar bear or a unicorn, or how about adding a touch of royalty by dressing up as a prince or princess? You can crochet a fairytale wardrobe for every conceivable storytime and bedtime with this charming collection. Every blanket in the book is made using corner-to-corner (C2C) crochet for the basic shape, and can be made in two sizes, for toddlers and young children Lynne, can we get an adult size too please?! The beauty of this construction means you get all the relaxing, mindful crochet you want with a simple repeating square or rectangle shape, along with the interest of adding details in colourful borders, adorable applique and the little details that perfectly finish a crochet project.

The book starts with the basics needed to crochet any of the blankets, and each pattern then goes into further detail about the techniques and patterns needed to crochet the pieces you need to create your perfect blanket. Every pattern is written in UK terms, but if you prefer US there is a handy conversion table inside the back flap. Step-by-step images are clear and informative, and the photography throughout the collection is clear and inspirational, so if you cant decide which hooded blanket to start with, take it from us simply have a go at them all!

We love everything the Lynne designs and this book is no exception to that rule if you ask us, this is probably her most exciting and enjoyable book to date, and you will love having it in your crochet library.


Beautiful blankets and brilliant bunting.

I love the concept for this book: snuggly blankets with fairytale themes. I can't wait to crochet the dragon blanket and am already wondering which designs my nieces and nephews would like most.

I didn't realise until I got the book that as well as the 10 blankets, there are also 10 bunting designs. The blankets are based on the same corner to corner crochet stitch but there is more variation in the bunting, including triangles hexagons and snowflakes.

The main blanket stitch confused me a little to start with, but a couple of rows into a swatch I'd worked out what I was meant to be doing. It is nice that the book includes both simple and more complicated projects. With the sections on tools and techniques, and the detailed instructions, this would probably be a good book for someone relatively new to crochet, but has lots of interest for more experienced crocheters as well.

It is handy having the patterns in two sizes (age 2-4 and 5-7) and because of the way the patterns are written, you could make them in bigger sizes quite easily. Different blankets have different tensions listed so doing a tension swatch would be important to be sure of getting the blanket the right size.


A step-by-step guide to creating magical gifts.

When lock down hit in the UK I decided I needed to find something to occupy myself and so I turned to crochet. I'd only ever done a chain stitch before but after a few youtube tutorials and practice goes I decided I was ready for a proper project and my little boy requested a blanket for his bed. Well having spotted this charming book how could I say no?

On opening the book you have a glossary of terms and abbreviations and it also gives both the UK and US terms should you need them before going on to explain the tools you will need and then the step by step technique guides. As a relative newbie to crochet I found these guides invaluable and a brilliant reference point should I get stuck at all. Each technique is broken down in to simple concise points with clear accompanying pictures. Every technique needed to create a magical blanket is covered from the very beginning slip knot to finishing touches like fringing.

The actual patterns in the book are aimed at two sizes age two to four and age five to seven. This is my only criticism. I wish it gave options for bigger patterns because despite being 32 years old I'd quite like an adult sized Polar Bear blanket.

Each themed blanket gives an skill level and is broken down into stages from the basic blanket, to the additional pieces like hood, decoration etc and all give really clear easy to follow instructions and where needed diagrams as well as close up pictures of those sections on the finished blankets so you can see what they are supposed to look like in detail.

I really love that each theme has complimenting crochet bunting too which in many cases could be used as a stand alone item. There is a candy cane bunting that will make the perfect Christmas decoration! So for £12.99 you really get value for your money as it's not just 10 projects it's 20 and the possibilities are endless.

The blankets are all beautiful designs and will make the perfect gifts for children in the family and I can't wait to look and see what other books Lynne Rowe has written.


This book is fantastic for any corner to corner or graphgan crochet enthusiasts! Patterns are well written and easy to follow and if this is your first encounter with corner to corner crochet there is a helpful introduction at the beginning of the book to help you learn! Highly recommended!


This book has excellent pictures to understand each stage of the pattern. I love that each blanket is accompanied with a pattern for making matching bunting. I also found it helpful to have suggested yarn options alongside the sample yarn details. I've started making the fish blanket and it's working up nicely even though it is my first ever crochet project. 

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