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  • Publisher: Search Press
  • Edition: BC Paperback Flap on back containing fold-out pattern sheet.
  • Publication: 21 January 2021
  • ISBN 13/EAN: 9781782219026
  • Carton Qty: 32
  • Size: 204x260 mm
  • Illustrations: 152
  • Pages: 96
  • RRP: $19.95
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The Art of Punch Needle Embroidery


by Marie Suarez

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Book Description

Create stunning 'embroidered' designs with yarns, threads, fabric and more without needing to learn dozens of stitches!

Create stunning 'embroidered' designs with yarns, threads, fabric and more without needing to learn dozens of stitches!

Punch needle embroidery is similar to rug hooking, and involves punching threads into fabric using a tool to form raised, decorative loops. It is a technique that is easy to grasp in very little time.

A traditional technique that came out of the US in the 19th century, punch needle has been revitalized and is appealing to many textile enthusiasts as it's not only simple to pick up but incredibly fun!

With internationally renowned, expert embroiderer Marie Suarez, learn and discover the delights of punch needle embroidery in this gorgeous practical book. Starting with the key materials and equipment you'll need, as well as the basic punch-needle stitches and techniques, go straight into making 20 creative and original projects including flower-adorned pillows, pretty wall hangings and stylish bags!

All the projects are accompanied by beautiful photographs, diagrams to help you work out what to stitch first, and templates for you to trace off for quick-and-easy needle punching.

Table of Contents

Introduction 3
Resources & supplies 3
Equipment 4
Techniques 12

Pretty Tote 26, Welcome Sign 30, Animal Hoop Art 34, Little Sheep 36, La Petite Souris 38, Greedy Cat 40, Goldfish Sponge 42, Hanging Heart 46, Pillows 50, Wild rose 52, Gathered Flowers 54, Flowers of Joy 56, The House by the Tree 60, 'Merci' Sign 64, Blossom Purse 68, Little Lamb bag 72, Umbrella Pine Tree 76, Little Treasures 80, Petite Purse 82, Miniatures 82, Circles of Nature 84, Bluebird 86, Ladybird 88, Exotic Flowers 90, Love 92

About the Author

About Marie Suarez

While working as a nurse, Marie Suarez spent her free time embroidering, a passion she’d had since childhood. Eventually she made a life-changing decision and gave up nursing to turn her passion into a job. 

Self-taught, she spent time rigorously studying the works and techniques of other embroiderers, as well as visiting museums, exhibitions and conferences on embroidery, in order to improve her skills. She has since received the title of Master Embroiderer and is one of Europe’s best-selling embroidery authors, with 28 books under her belt. 

When she’s not writing or creating commissioned work, she shares her techniques and thoughts via her blog,, or sells her designs through her website,

Marie lives in Beersel, Brabant in Belgium.


Customer Review

I was lucky enough to win a copy of The Art of Punch Needle Embroidery and have thoroughly enjoyed reading it. Punch needle is a technique Ive not tried before and this book gives me the confidence to give it a go once I have the supplies together. The book opens with sections on tools and materials, all clearly described and illustrated. Then follows a technique section with stepwise instructions and many photographs. The main section of the book is dedicated to the projects, large and small. Each project has a detailed supplies list and clear instructions, both for working the embroidery and for finishing the object. The small projects have clear, traceable templates with the instructions, while templates for the larger projects are on a fold out sheet tucked into a pocket at the back of the book. The projects cover a range of tastes so if punch needle is a technique that interests you then this book is definitely worth investigating.

Customer Review

Punch Needle Embroidery was something I was keen to learn as a new hobby. This book is the perfect guide for both beginners and more established crafters. This book covers everything you need to know. It is split into three sections  Equipment, Techniques and Projects, each providing in-depth instructions and advice. The first two sections, Equipment and Techniques, tell the reader all about Punch Needle Embroidery, what equipment to use and how stitches are made. The instructions are very clear and cover different materials, both for stitching and for the base on which to stitch. Different stitches are clearly detailed and there are plenty of photos and pictures to aid the written instructions.

Once all of these basics are understood, the final section is Projects. This is by far the largest section and gives clear visual and printed instructions on how to produce an assortment of items, including how to make wall hangings, cushions and bags. Each project lists all the material needed, preparation of the fabric and the embroidery and then the assembly of the project. At the start of each project, it advises what level of punch needle embroidery is required.

What I really liked about the different projects is that, whatever project I wanted to undertake, I could just take a look at the beginning of the project and gather exactly what tools and fabric etc were needed. I have bought the materials to complete one of the projects and am keen to get started. I feel that, for those confident with their ability to do this craft, there are still plenty of ideas in this book to undertake new tasks before trying to design pieces themselves.

Amazon Customer Review

Really pleased with this book as it goes into detail about the equipment needed, materials and stitches and has great pictures for reference. There are some lovely projects in the book with full instructions and templates for all skill levels. Im looking forward to getting started!

Customer Review

What an amazing book. Ive never done any punch needle embroidery before and I was a bit worried. Id had a set bought for Christmas and never used it but this book helped as soon as I opened it. It goes through everything with you including materials, tools and stitches, such a comprehensive book. Different levels of complexity with projects for each and these are all beautiful. Something for everyone with signs, bags, pillows being just a few. Informs you what level of difficulty the project is, materials you need to make it and clear instructions on how to complete it. The book is well laid out with very clear, precise instructions and with patterns in the back of the book. Would definitely recommend this book.

Customer Review

 As with many kits, the instructions are quite brief so I thought a book would help. I went for a Search Press book because they are always good quality. The book starts off with information on the materials recommended including the fabric and how it should be secured in a hoop, the threads, how to use the punch needle and needle threader and it goes through a tutorial of how to use the various stitches and how to create and fill in shapes. It then has several complete instructions for several projects including wall decorations, signs, bags (including a delightful sheep bag) and cushions. The designs are very contemporary and attractive and the templates are tucked in a flap at the back of the book. The photographs are very clear and attractive.

Customer Review

Great book with lots of illustrations on how to create beautiful projects. Instructions and simple enough with lots of helpful hints. A great book to start or continue a new hobby!

Amazon Customer Review

Fantastic book filled with informative descriptions of all equipment and techniques needed to successfully sew beautiful projects. I love the designs inside the book and the suggested ideas for the practical uses of your project. I cannot wait to gather the equipment needed to do my first project. My only fault is that I cannot find supplies of the suggested size needles in the book anywhere on the internet to buy so starting out will be trial and error to match the suggested size.

Sew Magazine

If you're looking to learn a new skill this spring, internationally renowned expert Marie Suarez is here to help. Master the delights of punch needling and create gorgeous embroidery-inspired designs, with projects including flower-adorned pillows, pretty wall handings and stylish bags. Textile enthusiasts of all ages can grasp the technique in no time at all, so grab your yarn and start punching!



Punch needle embroidery has been around for hundreds of years, though its popularity has waxed and waned over time. Here, Suarez, one of the current experts in this medium, provides an overview of all the commonly used materials and techniques as well as patterns for 15 projects. Answers to frequently asked questions are interspersed throughout in the form of highlighted tips, and photo examples are provided for all of the materials referenced. The projects are graded into three levels of difficulty. Each pattern includes a list of materials, directions for embroidery preparation, and assembly instructions, along with an actual-size template, a diagram showing the order of working, and a color photo of the completed project. The projects are mostly for decorative items, though several, such as bags and purses, also have utility. The information about materials and techniques is likely to be useful as a reference for anyone who makes punch needle embroidery a pursuit. The color schemes and feel here fit right in with the current cottagecore trend.

Embroidery The Textile Art Magazine

Using a simple tool and this straightforward technique (similar to rug hooking), beginners will learn how to create raised 'embroidered' projects with a range of yarns, fabrics and thread.

Amazon Customer Review

I am giving the book Punch Needle Embroidery for Beginners a 5 star rating. It has very easy instructions to follow with clear pictures and great ideas. My grand daughters Blossom and Daisy also want to try this craft... this will keep them occupied during lockdown.

Cross Stitcher

Create stunning embroidered designs without needing to learn dozens of stitches. Punch needle embroidery is a hot crafting trend right now and this beautiful book is just the job for learning the techniques involved, with plenty of ideas for projects with a modern twist. Expert embroiderer Marie Suarez guides you through 20 creative and original projects including flower adorned pillows, pretty wall hangings and stylish bags!

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