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  • Publisher: Search Press
  • Edition: BC Paperback
  • Publication: 30 June 2023
  • ISBN 13/EAN: 9781800921184
  • Carton Qty: 42
  • Size: 164x236 mm
  • Illustrations: 256
  • Pages: 128
  • RRP: $16.95
  • Series: 10 Step Drawing
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10 Step Drawing: Horses & Ponies


Draw over 50 horses and ponies in 10 easy steps by Justine Lecouffe

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Book Description

Turn simple shapes into amazing images of horses and ponies in just ten steps. Learn how to draw different breeds in a variety of different poses one step at a time.

If you love horses and ponies but don't know where to start when drawing them, this is the book for you!

10 Step Drawing: Horses & Ponies will help you turn simple shapes into the perfect equine companion in just ten easy steps. Create over 50 different breeds in a variety of poses, from a rearing Hanoverian to a grazing Fell pony by following the step-by-step instructions. 

Learning to draw has never been so simple! 

Table of Contents



Eyes 10, Ears 11, Front profile: Thoroughbred 12, Side Profile: Exmoor pony 14, ¾ profile: Percheron 16, ¾ profile: Gypsy Vanner 18, ¾ profile Arab 20


Front leg 24, Hindleg 25, Side profile: American saddlebred 26, ¾ Lusitano 28, Front profile: Cleveland Bay 30, Rearing warmblood 32


Appaloosa 36, Bashkir Curly 38, Morgan 40, American Quarter Horse 42, Rocky Mountain Horse 44, Paso Fino, Criollo, Falabella 50, American Cream Draft 52


Haflinger 56, Noriker 58, Belgian 60, Brabant 62, Connemara pony 64, Jutland 66, Carmargue 68, Selle Francais 70, Hanoverian 72, Oldenburger 74, Trakehner, Icelandic 78, Friesian 80, Gelerland 82, Fjord 84, Dartmoor Pony 86, Clydesdale 88, Andalusian 90, Dutch Warmblood 92, Lipizzaner 94, Fell Pony 96, Shetland Pony 98, Shire 100, Suffolk Punch 102, Welsh Pony 104


Barb 108, Arab 110, Kathiawari 112, Marwari 114, Akhal Teke 116, Don Horse 118, Orlov Trotter 120, Yakutian 122, Przewalski’s Horse 124, Brumby 126


About the Author

About Justine Lecouffe

Justine Lecouffe is an artist, illustrator and graphic designer based in London, UK. She creates digital and traditional hand drawings encompassing fashion, beauty, architecture and travel, for clients in a wide range of industries, from book publishing to branding for jewellery and fashion designers. Her work has been published in a number of books, including Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls and her major clients include Apple, O2, the National Trust, NHS, Red bull, Nivea and Pandora. Visit her website


Amazon Customer

l have the dubious honour of having failed my art O-Level but this book was really easy to follow and my efforts using this book look almost professional. My grandsons loved making their pictures too

Amazon Customer

I originally got this for my 8 year old granddaughter but found myself trying the drawings out myself! I have always struggled with getting proportions right so to have the sketches and written instructions going into great detail meant I was really happy with my finished results. There are over 50 illustrations to attempt with a variety of profiles and poses so plenty of choice. My granddaughter enjoyed the first section which concentrates on heads but found trying to attempt the whole horse a bit beyond her, but the book is aimed at 10 years and older so Im sure shell come back to it.

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