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  • Publisher: Search Press
  • Edition: BC Paperback
  • Publication: 01 October 2009
  • ISBN 13/EAN: 9781844484706
  • Carton Qty:
  • Size: 195x265 mm
  • Illustrations: 136
  • Pages: 64
  • RRP: $15.95
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Stitched Postcards


Beautiful textile designs in miniature using quilting and mixed media techniques by Christa Rolf

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Book Description

This book offers a unique collection of some of the best designs in postcard-sized art (AMCs) from well-known textile designers, with everything you need to know to create your own, unique pieces.

Stitched postcards are postcard-sized pieces of art, also known as artist mailing cards (AMCs), that are a new and growing trend in the world of mixed media art. This book contains an exclusive selection of some of the best designs, with contributions from a number of well-known textile designers, including the author, Christa Rolf, herself. The lovingly created miniatures are richly decorated with a range of styles including landscapes, florals, vintage and architecture, achieved using special yarns, fabrics and embellishments. With the help of a detailed section on materials, clear explanations of the basic techniques, and the individual designers' tips, these postcards are quick and easy to make, and are ideal for using up scraps of materials and items found in nature and around the home. They can be swapped with other designers, allowing the free exchange of ideas between like-minded people from all over the world. The book includes helpful ideas on how to send the postcards through the post and how to store your collection.

Over thirty different designs
Clear instructions and tips from individual designers
Expert advice on materials and basic techniques

Table of Contents

Over thirty different designs
Clear instructions and tips from individual designers
Expert advice on materials and basic techniques

About the Author

About Christa Rolf

Christa Rolf grew up with fabrics and still feels the same passion for textile materials. Patchwork, sewing and embroidery are her specialties. For more than ten years she has turned her hobby into a career and has since worked as a course instructor, author and managing editor OZ Verlag, the parent company of Christophorus publishing house.


Oct 12

Stitched Postcards, Edited by Christa Rolf, is full of pretty fabric postcards, from lots of designers. I was inspired to get stitching, and I took inspiration from a project by Renate Bieber to make an Autumn stitched card for myself, using an A6 card blank and various scraps from my much neglected fabric stash. It was quick and fun to make, and now I'd like to stitch some more! I'd like to make some landscapes, like the ones by Gisela Bunth in the book. But I think I need to buy myself a freehand quilting or darning needle for my machine before I can attempt these!

West Country Embroiderers

Summer 10

I found this book particularly interesting, not so much for their intended use as Artist Mailing Cards, but because I could see this as a way of making use of small pieces of work rather than abandon them to the back of a drawer. With contributions from other designers Christa has put together a comprehensive book of ideas and techniques using a wide variety of materials. For those just beginning to explore mixed media there are examples using Tyvek, heat guns, water soluble film, sizoflor and angelina to name but a few. The original use of these cards was a form of advertising but now people like to exchange (not sell) and collect them. I think they would also be useful for reference before embarking on a larger project as it wouldn't take too long to work a small example with the materials etc. written on the back and a small plastic pocket for samples of thread etc. (Margaret Cox)


Apr/May 10

Stitched postcards are postcard-sized (15x10cm) pieces of art decorated with landscapes, flowers, geometric and abstract designs. The instructions include the basic construction of a card and finishing techniques for the edges. Once you can construct a card, you can decorate the front in any way you choose. Create a new fabric by layering different materials on top of each other, colour the background with iron-on transfer paints or even print a design onto the surface, and then embellish with yarns, machine or hand embroidery, metal shim or wax in fact, anything you would use ona larger piece of work. Just in case you're stuck for ideas, there are over 30 different postcard designs and the techniques used to make them are all clearly explained.


Apr 10

Stitch something different and try out new techniques whilst making artistic postcards that are fun to make and lovely to keep. This inspiring collection from a group of leading textile designers incorporates quilting, free-motion stitching and mixed media techniques to create a range of designs that create maximum impact with minimal materials. The size of a standard postcard (10 x 15cm; 4 x 6in) is used throughout and the book includes a basic introduction to card making with details of suitable stabilisers and instructions for layering fabrics and finishing edges. Project ideas include the use of drawings, dried petals, felted yarns, silk papers, melted fabrics and transfer paints so there's plenty of scope for experimenting. Suggestions for the reverse side of the card are also included along with a storage box project as these cards are far too good to throw away! Each technique is explained in detail and we particularly liked the sewing machine section that advises on handy feet for decorating and finishing small-scale projects.


Feb/Mar 10

Christa Rolf is a successful author and an experienced patchworker and quilter. This book is the result of collaboration with a group of well-known authors from the German-speaking patchwork and quilting scene. There is a brief introduction to each contributor giving a small insight into the individual's work. For those who are not familiar with artists' mailing cards (AMCs), they are miniature works of art the size of a postcard (10cm x 15cm or 4" x 6") with a personal artistic design on the front. The artist trading card (ATC), on the other hand, which you may already be familiar with, is the size of a playing card. These cards are a wonderful way of experimenting with new techniques and learning about different materials and their applications. The book is beautifully illustrated and each artist offers a different method or project, so it is possible to work through the book and try everything at least once. Some ideas could then lead on to larger pieces of work by changing the subject matter but expanding on the method. The themes in this book are just a small cross-section of the exciting world of stitch postcards. This is an excellent starting point for anyone wishing to explore mixed media without expensive outlay in materials.

Feb 10

Make your own postcards, collect them in an album, swap them with other people and have fun using up your stash of fabrics, beads, yarns and anything else that can be stitched onto a 4"x6" rectangle of stiffened fabric.

Elsewhere on this site is my review for Inchies Edited by Peggy Doneda-Kobert, which is a book on making inch square works of art. These postcards are also known as AMCs (artist mailing cards) and are the larger cousin of ATCs (artist trading cards) and perhaps offer even more scope for expression. They are yet another way of recycling all those leftover bits and pieces from other projects, and this book is filled with ideas on how to make them. Like Inchies it is of composite authorship, and each contributor has compiled several chapters of ideas on how to make your postcards. First follow the basics section on how to make the base (you need to use some of your fabric store, plus iron-on and double-sided interfacing). Then have fun learning about and experimenting with different looks from vintage to landscapes, utilise some dried flowers and leaves, have a go with Tyvek and Angelina Fibers, put your sewing machine through its paces and even make some fabric of your own by combining scraps. It is all great fun and very addictive, although probably more so for anybody already proficient with a number of different fabric and fiber arts with a large enough stash to allow for total freedom of experimentation. That is a very large number of people however, and this is definitely another one for the keeper shelf.

Jan 2010

This is a book for more experienced and adventurous textile and mixed media artists. The AMCs presented are created using techniques such as needlefelting using a sewing machine, using iron-on transfer paints, melting fabrics and machine embroidery. While a keen textile or mixed media artist will have many of the supplies required, some more unusual supplies, such as Tyvek, are used. Readers will be able to source most products from a good craft store although some items, for instance a felting sewing machine needle, may need to be sourced via the Internet.

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