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  • Publisher: Search Press
  • Edition: BC Paperback
  • Publication: 07 March 2013
  • ISBN 13/EAN: 9781844489572
  • Carton Qty: 60
  • Size: 155x215 mm
  • Illustrations: 300
  • Pages: 96
  • RRP: $12.95
  • Series: 30 Minute Artist
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30 Minute Artist: Painting Water in Watercolour


by Terry Harrison

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Book Description

All watercolour landscape artists need to know how to paint water, and in this book Terry Harrison excels in demystifying the painting process. Here he shares his expert advice and no nonsense tips and techniques for producing quick, effective paintings of water. There are two or three-step exercises for painting water in all its varied moods and situations, including ripples, reflections, puddles, streams, breaking waves, choppy water, surf, bridges, riverbeds, boats, and much more. There are then ten step-by-step demonstrations that can be produced in half an hour: a misty lake, track with puddles, ford, waterfall, lazy river, stormy sea, cliffs, fishing from a boat, sunset estuary and fishing boat.

  • Essential painting skills conveyed through quick, lively studies
  • Expert art tuition from a renowned artist ,for beginners, the busy artist, or those wanting to loosen up their painting style
  • Numerous quick exercises and 11 step by step demonstrations in a handy, affordable pocket-sized format

Table of Contents


How to use this book8



Quick techniques16
Painting ripples16
Lifting out ripples16
Reflections in still water18
Wet on dry reflections18
Rippled reflections22
Fast-flowing stream26
The sea from the beach28
Breaking waves30
Painting choppy water32
Lifting out choppy water32
Crashing wave34
Wave breaking on rock36
Beach with surf38
Masking the horizon40
Sunset on the sea42
Building and reflection46
Sky reflections54

Track with Puddles56
Wooded Waterfall64
Lazy River68
Stormy Sea72
Misty Lake84
Fishing Boat88
Sunset Estuary92


About the Author

About Terry Harrison

Terry Harrison grew up in Norfolk, UK. His early art education was basic and he never dreamed that he would one day become an artist. At 15, Terry moved to Hampshire and, at 16, inspired by his brilliant art teacher, won a place at Farnham Art School. After graduating he became a graphic artist but continued to paint in his spare time. In 1984 Terry gave up his job to paint full time and never looked back, teaching and demonstrating his watercolour techniques throughout the world, developing his own range of brushes and paints and writing over 20 best-selling books that have been translated into many languages. Sadly, Terry passed away in 2017 but his legacy lives on. His gift for explaining his methods in an easy and accessible way has encouraged countless people to take up painting, and his beautiful works of art, inspired by the English countryside that he loved, will continue to be enjoyed by people all over the world.

To see more of Terry's work visit


Karen Platt

May 13

Part of a new 30 Minute Artist series by the publisher, Terry Harrison teaches you how to paint water effectively in just 30 minutes. From beach scenes to ponds, rivers to seas, puddles and streams, Terry shows how to paint water in all its beautiful painterly effects. Still water, flowing water, gushing and sea spray. Boats, bridges, foliage, cliffs and houses are also included in the scenes. This book will build your confidence and skills and help you to create spontaneous paintings in just 30 minutes. There are 23 exercises, tips and techniques. In addition, you'll find 10 effective projects with step by step instructions.

Leisure Painter, The

June 13

Developed especially for the busy artist who wants to achieve great paintings in just half an hour, this new 30 Minute Artist series claims to do just that. In his book on painting water, Terry demonstrates 23 basic exercises to build your confidence with the subject from rippled reflections to crashing waves, fast-flowing streams to sun setting on the sea. These exercises are followed by ten step-by-step projects, which put into practice the techniques you've learnt. These books aim to build confidence in your chosen medium and subject so that you have the ability to paint effective paintings quickly. In time, this will help you to develop a loose style and keep your paintings lively.

Artist, The

April 13

Painting Flowers in Watercolour (Fiona Peart) and Painting Water in Watercolour (Terry Harrison)

Half an hour is not a lot of time to paint a masterpiece, says Terry Harrison in his introduction. His advice on planning and preparing that follows is something that every artist should have tattooed on their forehead. The idea of a quick painting that captures the essence of your subject without fussing and fiddling is not a new one, but this series approaches it with simplified demonstrations that reflect the basis of the idea and offer some excellent hints and tips along the way. If I have an objection, Fiona Peart sums it up: 'Many of us do not have as much time as we would like to paint,' but if filling the odd half-hour gets you past the time block, then buying these imaginative guides is money well spent.

Mar 13

This is a new series that Terry Harrison (whose idea it was) is justifiably proud of. Theres nothing new in the limited-time idea and I have in the past criticised some of its implementations for pandering to the time-restricted artist. Im sorry, but art is something you devote time to. The whole point of it, of any recreation, is that it gives you a chance to relax and recharge. If youre that busy-busy-busy, you probably have a time-management issue that bish-bosh painting wont solve. But enough of that, because thats not the matter in hand. The proper use of the half-hour painting is to discourage fiddling and promote the skill of getting things down quickly, as you see them. Its about spontaneity and freshness, and therefore to be applauded. The structure here is really rather neat. The first half of the book is taken up with a series of exercises, Quick Techniques as theyre described here. These are all about ways of seeing and thinking, but also about methods of working rocks and waves or foliage and petals in a few quick brushstrokes. The idea is to suggest your subject rather than capture it in every minor detail. Following that is a series of projects that bring everything together. Theres always a slight contradiction when you have printed demonstrations in a book thats supposed to be about spontaneity, but you have to describe the process somehow and these short (4 page) sections are very effective at showing you how to work within the time allowed. I suspect the best way of making this work is to read the chapter through and then work with it as just notes. If you dont head straight for home, but keep looking at the map, the oven-timer is going to ring while youre still getting the tops off the tubes! Theres a nice busy feel to both these books that somehow encourages the whole idea theyre trying to promote and, price-wise, theyre a steal.

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