20 January 2020


BB Hardback

204x260 mm



160 pages

Search Press

Portuguese Knitting

by Rosa Pomar

More than just a history book or a handicraft manual, Portuguese Knitting is a journey into Portugal's knitting heritage. Traditional patterns and techniques are brought up to date in the form of beautiful modern pieces such as socks, hats, shawls, cowls, pot holders and leggings.

Portuguese knitting differs from regular knitting in the way the wool is held; it can either be passed through a special Portuguese knitting pin attached to the knitter's clothes, or looped around the neck and then over a finger.

Easy-to-follow instructions and clear illustrations allow beginners or more experienced knitters to recreate historical pieces in an original, contemporary way. You can make the projects as they are shown, or use other colours to create your own unique and original gifts.

Book Contents

Index 4
Preface 7
Introduction 8
The history of knitting 11
Knitting in Portugal 27
Introduction 28
Materials 30
Finishes 33
Raw materials 33
Types and traditions 38
Socks 39
Jumpers 53
Other pieces 59
Techniques 65
Materials 66
Yarn 66
Needles 69
Accessories 71
Other useful tools 71
Interpreting the labels 72
Knitting 72
Tension, density and samples 73
Starting 75
Single casting on 75
Portuguese style casting on 76
Knit and purl 78
Stitches and techniques 82
Patterns 97
Abbreviations and other terms used 98
Barrete de vilão (Villain's cap) 99
Algibeirinha pouch 102
Scarf ‘by music’ 104
Rag mat 106
Mirandês bag 108
Thrum rug 110
Minderica cowl 112
Montemuro cuffs 114
Minderica sleeves 116
Cushion 118
Poveira leg-warmers 120
Striped socks 122
Woolly hat 126
Caninhas shawl 128
Ilha do Corvo beret 130
Shell socks 134
Gloves 140
Lace collar 142
Algibeira pouch 144
Serra de Ossa leggings 146
Patterns 148
Useful Information 151
Yarns, reference books and links 152
Bibliography 153
Credits 157
Acknowledgements 159

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