22 October 2020


BC Paperback

216x280 mm



208 pages

Search Press

Drawing Trees & Flowers

by Margaret Eggleton & Denis John-Naylor

Combining the talents of two renowned artists, Margaret Eggleton and Denis John-Naylor, this is a detailed, comprehensive guide to drawing trees and flowers. Artists of all skill levels will find much to inspire them, as well as expert instruction on a huge range of topics. You will be guided through a variety of drawing tools and paper surfaces, and the easy-to-follow basic drawing stages will give you the confidence to tackle more advanced techniques. Individual trees and flowers are explored, as well as trees and flowers in a landscape setting, and there are studies on mixed flower collections, dried flowers and flowers in containers. There are detailed studies of leaves, branches and petals, and 19 wonderful step-by-step projects, each culminating in a beautiful drawing you'll be proud of. Suitable for beginners wanting to build up their confidence as well as more seasoned artists seeking inspiration, this book is a must-have for anyone who wants to draw trees and flowers in a variety of media.

This is a compilation of material previously published in the highly successful Drawing Masterclass series: Flowers and Trees.

Book Contents

Introduction 6
What you need 8
Basic techniques 18
Sketching 38
Using photographs 44
Oak in Spring Step by step 60
Conifer Step by step 64
Weeping Willow Step by step 70
Horse Chestnut Step by step 76
Trees up close 82
Trees in the landscape102
Lombardy Bole & Foliage Step by step 108
Beech Trunk in a Landscape Step by step 116
Winter Oak in Snow Step by step 126
Flowers up close 136
Gladioli Step by step 142
Hollyhocks Step by step 146
Penstemon Step by step 150
Stargazer Lilies Step by step 154
SunflowersStep by step 158
Flower arrangements162
Tulips & ClematisStep by step 166
Strelizia & Dipladenia Step by step 170
Passion Flower & HibiscusStep by step 174
Apple BlossomStep by step 180
Dried flowers182
Dried TulipsStep by step 186
Flowers in containers188
Glass of NasturtiumsStep by step 192
Flowers in the landscape196
Rhododendron LandscapeStep by step 200

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