26 March 2021


BC Paperback

210x295 mm



240 pages

Search Press

Drawing Animals Using Grids

by Giovanni Civardi

If you have often struggled to draw animals, from master artist Giovanni Civardi comes this highly visual beginners guide to drawing dogs, cats and horses using the traditional grid technique a method that makes the first stages of drawing simple and achievable.

Giovanni Civardi shows you how to create an accurate pencil sketch of the subject by laying a grid over a photo or drawing and transferring the image to the drawing surface one square at a time.

Beginning with a summary of animal anatomy and basic drawing techniques, this book contains over 90 outlines of dogs, cat and horses in a range of static and moving poses, with guidance on how to add shading and tonal effects to create more detailed finished drawings.

Book Contents

What is the grid method?4

Drawing dogs6
- Introduction7
- Anatomy8
- External morphology10
- Proportions and perspective16
- Approaches to drawing18
- Dog gallery20

Drawing Horses86
- Introduction87
- Anatomy88
- External morphology90
- Proportions and perspective93
- Approaches to drawing94
- Horse gallery96
- Horse and man162

Drawing cats164
- Introduction165
- Anatomy166
- External morphology168
- Proportions and perspective171
- Approaches to drawing172
- Cat gallery174

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