30 September 2021


BB Hardback

216x280 mm



176 pages

Search Press


by Michele Carragher

Staggeringly detailed and sumptuously worked, Michele Carragher’s embroidered art is breathtaking to behold.

This comprehensive insight into her work guides you from her initial ideas, right through to the finished, astonishing pieces of work, collectively titled Trace.

Rich in symbolism and drawing inspiration from throughout history, the book contains three created, embroidered artefacts: a lavish glove, jewelled bodice and Japanese-style hair pin. From these she extracts a narrative which becomes the basis for three embroidered artworks, exploring themes of human duality and our behavioural effects on society and the planet. The book begins with an immersive, exquisitely photographed gallery tour of all the pieces, showcasing Michele’s work in incredible detail. Following on from this, each artefact and artwork is discussed in detail, giving insight into the working process, creative choices and techniques used.

Michele has worked for many years in the film and TV industry, including as Costume Embroiderer for HBO's Game of Thrones, and HBO's 2005 costume Emmy award winning production of Elizabeth I. The last chapter of the book features a selection of images from her inspiring catalogue of work.

Book Contents

The artworks 6, All that glitters 8, Entropy 20, Conscience 40, Introduction 50, The artist’s insight 54, Artefact insight: the hand 56, Artwork insight: all that glitters 74, Artefact insight: the heart 88, Artwork insight: entropy 102, Artefact insight: the head 118, Artwork insight: conscience 126, My summary 134, Costume embroidery gallery 136, My history 138, Acknowledgements 174

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