26 August 2021


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RSN Essential Stitch Guides

RSN Essential Stitch Guides: Bead Embroidery

by Shelley Cox

A new, larger format edition of the Royal School of Needlework's classic reference work on beadwork embroidery.

Shelley Cox presents an expert guide to all aspects of bead embroidery, including information on counted thread beadwork, bead embroidery, beaded surface embroidery, and fringing. Here you will find stitches and technique for every sort of needlework that involves beads. Decorative effects are explored too, making this a fantastic source book and an invaluable reference for beadwork.

The Royal School of Needlework (RSN) teaches hand embroidery to the highest standard and is well respected all over the world.

It not only upholds the traditions of English embroidery that go back many hundreds of years, but is constantly taking embroidery forwards in new and innovative ways. This series of Essential Stitch Guides has been produced in close collaboration with the RSN with the aim of providing a set of definitive works on traditional embroidery techniques. All of the authors were chosen by the RSN and all are graduate apprentices of the Royal School.

Book Contents

The Royal School of Needlework 6, Introduction 8, The history of bead embroidery 10, Materials 14, Framing up 24, Stitches 28, Basic techniques 29

Counted thread stitches 34, Byzantine stitch 34, Cushion stitch 35, Diagonal stitch 36, Hungarian stitch 37, Hungarian ground stitch variation 38, Jacquard stitch 39, Moorish stitch 40, Mosaic stitch 42, Norwich stitch 43, Parisian stitch 44, Rhodes stitch 45, Rice stitch 47, Smyrna stitch 48, Staircase stitch variation 49, Twill stitch 50, Vertical Milanese stitch 51, Victorian step stitch 52, Wild goose chase stitch 53

Bead embroidery stitches 56, Back stitch in bead embroidery 56, Circlets 57, Couching with a single needle 58, Couching with two needles 59, Links and crosses 60, Loops 62, Running stitch 63, Satin stitch 63, Sequin lines 64, Sequin rosettes 66, Stab stitch 67

Surface embroidery stitches 70, Back stitch, threaded and whipped 70, Buttonhole stitch 71, Chain stitch 72, Chevron stitch 73, Coral stitch 74, Cretan stitch 75, Feather stitch 76, Fly stitch 77, Herringbone stitch 78, Seeding stitch 79, Stem stitch 80, Whip stitch 81

Edging and fringing stitches 84, Simple picot edge 84, Alternating picot edge 84, Spaced picot edge 85, Spaced picot edge with drops 85, Straight fringe 86, Shaped fringe 87, Alternating straight fringe with a back stitch base 88, Staggered fringe with a back stitch base 89, Simple looped fringe 90, Alternating looped fringe 91, Overlapping looped fringe 92, Twisted looped fringe 93, Horizontal netted fringe 94, Vertical netted fringe 95

Index 96

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