19 May 2016


BC Paperback

216x280 mm



112 pages

Search Press

Drawing Masterclass

Drawing Masterclass: Trees

by Denis Naylor

In this essential addition to the Drawing Masterclass series, Denis John Naylor shows how he creates his extraordinary tree studies, from first marks made on paper to finishing touches. Denis's method is based on close observation, and here shows how to develop drawing skills as you learn techniques such as line and tone, circular toning and layering, measured drawing and creating shape, form and texture. There are detailed studies of boles, branches, leaves, bark, roots and more. Seven beautiful demonstrations show step by step how to create breathtaking drawings of this popular subject.

-A true masterclass in observation and drawing skills
-In-depth advice from a renowned expert
-7 beautiful step-by-step projects
-Packed with extraordinary tree studies to inform and inspire

Book Contents

The history of the tree in art
How to start
Drawing techniques
Individual trees
Oak in Spring (step by step)
Conifer (step by step)
Winter Oak in Snow (step by step)
Weeping Willow (step by step)
Horse Chestnut (step by step)
Trees in the landscape
Lombardy Bole and Foliage (step by step)
Beech Trunk in a Landscape (step by step)

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