09 July 2018


BC Paperback

216x292 mm



96 pages

Search Press

The Art of Woodburning

by Daniel Wright

The art of fire-writing is a returning trend, and there is no better way to learn the technique and inspire yourself than through this up-to-date edition of Daniel Wright's ultimate introduction to pyrography. 

Daniel Wright's enthusiasm for his subject is beautifully captured in a sequence of clear, easy-to-follow step-by-step photographs and unique projects. Taking his inspiration from pen-and-ink, engraving and watercolour techniques, he demonstrates many exciting methods and traditional ways of woodburning to create myriad patterns, pictures and motifs including landscapes, trees, flowers, animals and buildings.

Information is included on the types of wood to use, how to prepare surfaces, working with the grain and enhancing designs. He goes on to illustrate shading and faux marquetry, and there's a section on using photographs and sketches to produce your own designs. With each new technique, a project is introduced by Daniel to help you learn and explore your new skill  from burning your own chessboard to a stunning fairytale stool design for your little one's bedroom. Finally, advice and demonstrations are provided on decorating old wooden objects, revitalizing much-loved pieces by working patterns into their worn, textured surfaces.

This book will inspire, entertain and instruct you, whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced pyrographer.

Book Contents

Introduction 6

Materials 10

Techniques 16
- Holding the pen 6
- Shading 17
- PROJECT: Tree vase, using reverse silhouette 22
- Basic patterns 24
- PROJECT: Chessboard, exploring the tester method 25
- Borders 30
- PROJECT: Cheeseboard, exploring borders 36
- Building up tones 38
- PROJECT: Milking stools and circular designs 40
- PROJECT: Napkin rings in faux marquetry 46
- Working with spheres 48
- Finishing your work 50

Design 52
- Developing a theme 52
- PROJECT: Whimsical houses 53
- Fairies 58
- Birds 62
- Animals 66
- Buildings and landscapes 68

Branching out 76
- Old and antique wood 76
- Driftwood 84
- A magical discovery 86
- Gourds 90
- Leather 94

Index 96

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