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Writing a Book

Writing a Book

Search Press specialises in highly illustrated practical, reference and inspirational books on fine art, craft, textiles and sugarcraft for beginners through to professional artists and crafts people.

Our books sell worldwide, and you can find them in bookstores, chain stores, needlecraft, craft and art shops and on-line. As long as our readers want them, they stay in print.

We work closely with our authors to produce books that are not only accurate, informative and easy to follow, but also beautifully designed and illustrated. We pride ourselves on the care and attention we pay to all our books, and have earned an enviable reputation as one of the top UK art and craft book publishers.

Why write a book?

There are all sorts of reasons for writing a book. Perhaps you have an idea for a book that you feel has not been done before and would sell well. You may be an expert in a particular field and would like to share your specialist skills and knowledge with others, or perhaps you are a tutor and your students have suggested you write a book to go with your course. Or perhaps you have been approached by a publisher with a book idea and are considering whether to commit to it or not. Whatever your reasons, writing a book can be both rewarding and challenging, and our aim at Search Press is to make the whole process as smooth and stress-free as possible.

For many people, seeing their name on the front cover of a book is reward enough for writing a book. For others, it's the satisfaction that comes from sharing their knowledge with others, inspiring them to try something new, and perhaps even changing their lives forever. Many of our authors describe the feeling of excitement they had when they first held their book in their hands, and their pride and sense of achievement when they see their book for sale on-line or in their local bookstore.

A book is a great way of promoting yourself and of raising your profile, both in the UK and in the USA, Canada and Australia, where we sell many of our books. Authors often report renewed interest in their art or craft following publication, and they may become sought after by retailers, manufacturers and art and craft associations to provide demonstrations, classes, etc.

What we expect from you, as an author

When you are commissioned to write a book, you become one of the Search Press team. Our editors and designers are here to help you, offering advice and support throughout the editorial and design process to ensure your book reads well and look beautiful. However, there are certain things we expect from you in return.

All our books are highly illustrated, and any paintings, artwork or samples of your work must be of a high standard and meet the original brief in terms of both design and style. We normally ask authors to provide examples early on in the writing process, and will allow plenty of time for work to be revised if need be.

You must be able to describe and write about your techniques clearly. We realise, however, that to some of our authors, writing does not come easily, and our team of editors will work closely with you to help you express your ideas in a way that is logical, constructive, focused and easy to understand.  

A book is a huge commitment, and you need to ensure you allow plenty of time to write it and produce all the items that are needed to illustrate it. The schedule for your book will be discussed with you early on, and we do ask that you stick to the agreed deadlines and let us know well in advance if you don't feel you can meet them.

What you can expect from us, as your publisher

All our authors receive a royalty or a fee. Which option you go for is entirely up to you. With a royalty, you will of course be taking a risk, as we do with our investment in you, but you would receive an income from the sale of your book for as long as it's in print.

All of our editors are based in-house and are specialist art and craft editors. You will be allocated your own editor, and they will be responsible for editing your book and seeing it through to publication. They are there to answer any queries you have, and to help you with every step of the writing process, from the initial planning of the book to the checking of your final proofs.

Your editor will also work closely with our designers, and production, publicity and sales managers, to ensure that your book not only looks wonderful, but is also publicised and marketed effectively to maximise sales.

The images are an integral and important part of any book, and in art and craft books in particular, the quality of the images is paramount. We have our own photographic studio and access to several specialist art and craft photographers, and we also use freelance illustrators where drawings or diagrams are required. The costs of all these services are covered by us.

At Search Press, we pride ourselves on the excellent relationship we build with our authors. We aim always to be friendly, helpful and sympathetic to your needs, while at the same time maintaining the highly professional standards for which we are well known.

Independent, family-owned, specialist art and craft publishers since 1970

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